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Synopsis for "Lizards on a Hot Tin Roof!"

Caught in the middle of a fight between the Lizard and the Iguana, Spider-Man manages to lose them in the sewers. When they get away, he checks on the Connors and promises to bring Curt back to them back to normal.

Returning to ESU that morning, Peter runs into Professor Sloan who is there early in the morning to examine a strange skeleton. There, Peter builds a device which he hopes will allow him to cure Connors of being the Lizard, and change the Iguana back to a normal lizard. Rushing out again, he's caught with dealing with Marcy Kane's judgments of Peter's devotion to science.

Looking for both the Lizard and the Iguana across the city, Spider-Man eventually finds the Iguana and during the fight, the Lizard joins in as well. Spider-Man uses his device, which drains the power from the Lizard and puts it in the Iguana is used, causing the Lizard to change back into Connors, and the Iguana to begin to overload from all the energy. Trying to jump in a nearby fountain, the Iguana explodes.

With Connors back to normal, the two leave the scene believing that the threats of the Lizard and the Iguana have been ended forever, unaware that the Iguana (now restored to its original stature) is still alive.


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man recounts how Curt Connors built the Enervator to help Spider-Man take back a portion of life force taken from him by the Kingpin. That happened in Amazing Spider-Man #164.

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