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Synopsis for "Into the Hive!"

The Swarm proves to be too much for Spider-Man to handle, his armies of obedient bees able to get through any defense that Spidey puts up against him. This forces Spider-Man to flee to a nearby bathroom and change into Peter Parker. The Swarm meanwhile exits the ESU science building and begins building a gigantic hive on the property, where he has also created a giant queen bee.

When Peter is discovered by Professor Morris, Macy, Phillip, and Steve, they take him to the make-shift infirmary ESU has set up for the bee sting victims. There they decide to use their scientific skill to find a way to defeat the Swarm using a super repellent. The repellent they create will cause the bees to become hostile towards each other, and when it's complete Peter feigns cowardice in order to go after the Swarm as Spider-Man.

Dousing his costume and web-fluid with the super repellent, Spider-Man infiltrates the giant hive and attacks the Swarm. After a lengthy battle against the Swarm and his giant bee, the repellent eventually takes effect, causing the giant queen bee to die, and the Swarm's army of bees to disburse leaving the skeleton of Fritz von Meyer, which is once more inert.

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