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Synopsis for "Curse of the Living Vampire!"

Morbius the living vampire is back on the loose, attacking innocent victims by night. While during the day, Peter Parker goes about his daily life: Visiting his Aunt May in the hospital, and attending class. However, the strain gets to Peter and during one class with Curt Connors, Peter snaps at his professor and later notices that he has a skin rash.

Later Peter and Phillip are invited to their classmate Chip's fathers mansion for a party. When they arrive they are shocked to find that it's a costume party and they were unprepared. Chip shows off his costume, which is of a split nature and dubs it his "Schizoid-Man" costume.

However, something turns out to be very wrong with Chip when Morbius attacks the party looking for a new victim to feed his bloodlust. As Peter slips away and changes into Spider-Man, Chip begins exhibiting special powers and attacks people in the crowd.

While Spider-Man fights Morbius outside of the mansion, the battle ends suddenly when Morbius is struck by a bolt of lightning. Spider-Man realizes that it has caused Morbius to change back to his normal human self, just as the partygoers fail to stop Chip from fleeing the scene of the party.


Continuity Notes

  • Reference is made of Spider-Man's recent battle against Mysterio at the Restwell Nursing Home. This happende in Amazing Spider-Man #199200.

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