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Synopsis for "Scourge of the Schizoid-Man"

Responding to a classified put in the Daily Globe newspaper, Spider-Man goes to visit Curt Connors. Connors warns him that the device that Spider-Man used to cure him of being the Lizard and defeat the Iguana was not properly shielded and that it may have adverse effects on him. However, when asking for a blood cell, Spider-Man refuses (believing the blood could be tied back to Peter Parker), Connors figuring this secretly records Spider-Man with a special camera. Meanwhile, Electro shows passes his admission test into the Frightful Four, who are plotting to get revenge on both Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four.

Later, having changed back into Peter Parker, Spidey returns to ESU where he is greeted by his fellow T.A.'s, but his temper soon gets the better of him and he snaps at them. Suddenly, their classmate Chip Martin appears -- still dressed in his Schizoid-Man costume and attacks his father (Who has arrived at the university) and everyone in proximity to his mind creations. Peter slips away and changes into Spider-Man to stop Chip.

Spider-Man transforms into the Spider-Lizard.

During the fight, Chip's father explains that his son had the eerie ability to make his thoughts into reality, however, the boy was disturbed and the images reflected his state of mind, until therapy and mind-altering drugs were used to sedate these powers. As Spider-Man continues to fight the Schizoid-Man, he learns that the boy does not want to go back on the drugs that suppress not only his powers but his emotions as well. Spider-Man suddenly snaps and beats the Schizoid-Man into unconsciousness, until Curt Connors pulls him off. As Chip's father learns that Spider-Man is responsible for almost beating his son to death, Spidey himself manages to slip away to the rooftops where he takes a startling transformation into the Spider-Lizard.


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