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Synopsis for "The Terrible Turnabout!"

Since becoming the Spider-Lizard, Peter Parker has been terrorizing New Yorkers, getting significant negative press. Meanwhile, having tagged the Spider-Lizard with a tracking device, Curt Connors is trying to track down the beast to try and administer a cure to it and restore Spider-Man back to normal.

After unsuccessfully stopping the monster during one of its recent attacks, Connors follows it until it's found by a New York City police squad. The squad proves unable to stop the Spider-Lizard, which shrugs off all their attacks and retreats into a nearby sewer grate. Slipping past the police to go after the Spider-Lizard, Connors soon comes face to face with the creature. After a brief struggle, Connors manages to pour the antidote down the Spider-Lizard's gullet making it revert back to Spider-Man. Spidey quickly covers his face with webbing and soon realizes that the tunnel they are in is filling up with water, sent down by the police to flush the Spider-Lizard out.

Weaker than the Spider-Lizard, Spider-Man finds tearing off the grate that is keeping them trapped in the tunnel a difficult task. However, he manages to do it and swims himself and Connors to safety. Afterwards, he thanks Curt Connors and heads home, unaware that the Frightful Four are now ready to begin their revenge scheme against him and the Fantastic Four.


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