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Synopsis for "Wings of Fire, Wings of Fear"

The Vulture is attempting to take control of New York's mobs with the help of his nephew Malachi. To this end, they have managed to capture Spider-Man, who was then chained up and placed in a coffin that is to be incinerated in a crematory furnace. Still groggy from the gasses that put him in this situation, Spider-Man cannot muster the strength to break free. However, once he the concealing portrait closes behind him, Spider-Man manages to gather enough strength to leap out of the coffin and safely away from the flames. However, his leap knocked the coffin askew, leaving it to catch on fire and fill the cremation chamber to start filling with smoke. Outside, the Vulture and his minions celebrate the apparent demise of Spider-Man, Black Alfred arrives with the statue that the Vulture asked stolen. The Vulture takes the statue and reveals that he was aware that Alfred had been eliminating the competition, playing right into the Vulture's hand. The two come to blows when suddenly, Spider-Man comes smashing through the room with flames following behind him.

With the building catching fire, the Vulture flees the scene with his nephew. Meanwhile, the other mobsters decide to take advantage of Spider-Man's compromised position. However, by this point, Spider-Man has regained his full strength he manages to break free taking the fight out of the mobsters. With the room quickly becoming an inferno, they beg Spider-Man to save their lives. Spider-Man smashes a hole in the ceiling and uses a web line to carry the men up to the main floor. With the sound of fire trucks approaching, Spider-Man webs up the mobsters so they can the authorities can take them into custody.

While outside, the Vulture and Malachi have managed to get out of the burning building. However, they have been followed by Black Alfred who is itching for revenge. He tries to shoot the Vulture, but Malachi takes the bullet for his uncle. Seeing his last surviving relative getting gunned down puts the Vulture into a fury and he attacks Black Alfred. Before he can kill the mobster, Spider-Man arrives and the two come to blows. While they fight, the police arrive on the scene and arrest Black Alfred who surrenders in order to get protection from the Vulture. Meanwhile, the flying villain tries to escape, but Spider-Man manages to snag his leg with a web-line. Their battle takes them across the rooftops until they eventually come crashing through the front window of Grand Central Terminal. There their battle continues, but they are interrupted by arriving police officers. The Vulture tries to make his escape but ends up slamming into an ultra-hard glass barrier, knocking himself out. Defeated, and mourning the loss of his nephew, the Vulture surrenders without any further conflict.

Later at the offices of the Daily Globe, Barney Bushkin has heard about Spider-Man's battle with the Vulture and asks Peter Parker if he managed to get photos. Sullen by the Vulture's tragic defeat, Peter tells Barney he didn't get any photos. Unaware that Peter is upset, Barney cheerfully tells him that you can't get them all.


Continuity Notes

  • Black Alfred states that he took over the mobs in Harlem following the downfall of Boss Morgan. That happened in Marvel Team-Up #88.
  • The Vulture refers to Malachi as his only surviving relative. However, it is later revealed that Adrian has a daughter, Valeria. This was first revealed in Identity Disc #15. One possible explanation as to why the Vulture refers to Malachi as his only surviving relative is due to the fact that at this point in time the Vulture and Valeria were estranged, he could have considered her "dead" in to him in a metaphorical sense.

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