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Synopsis for "Deadly is The Cobra!"

On a stormy night, inside the New York State Penitentiary, the Cobra manages to pry loose a screen on his cell door allowing him to use his contortion abilities to squeeze out through the bars. As he makes his escape his former partner Mr. Hyde begs for the Cobra to set him free as well. Not wishing to blow his chance at escape, Cobra leaves Mr. Hyde behind as he slips away in a storm drain.

The following morning, Spider-Man is running late for classes at Empire State University. As he web-slings across the city, he worries about how he inadvertently stood up Debora Whitman while fighting the villain known as Mesmero the night before. Arriving at ESU, Spider-Man changes into his civilian identity of Peter Parker. There he arrives at the teacher's assistant office and finds that Debra isn't the least bit upset that he stood her up and she instantly agrees to go out for dinner with him tomorrow evening. Debra also tells him that Barney Bushkin, editor at the Daily Globe was calling for him. Going into the office, he finds his colleagues Steve Hopkins and Phillip Chang goofing off again. Steve is in the process of moving into the cubical formerly owned by Chip Martin, giving Peter a cubical of his own. Their conversation is cut short when Peter's phone begins to ring. It's Barney Bushkin who wants Peter to get photos of Spider-Man fighting the Cobra, telling him how the villain escaped out of prison. Peter points out how difficult such a request is, especially since the Cobra isn't one of Spider-Man's usual foes. However, Bushkin insists that this isn't that difficult an assignment and lets him go. With a bonus offered, Peter decides to see what he can do, since he needs the money. It's then that Marcy Kane enters the office wearing a scarf over her head. When Peter asks why she is wearing it, she tells him to mind his own business. Peter is reminded by Phillip and Steve that he has a class of freshmen to teach.

After a long day teaching, Peter decides to unwind by going out web-slinging. Spider-Man manages to stop a purse snatcher and scare off a gang of hoods trying to intimidate a newspaper stand. Suddenly, his spider-sense begins to buzz, Spider-Man is drawn to a jewelry store that is being robbed by the Cobra. Although Spider-Man gets the drop on the Cobra, the villain manages to use his abilities to slip away to the roof. The web-slinger follows after him, and although the Cobra maintains a step ahead due to his unique powers and weapons, Spider-Man begins to gain ground. While the battle rages, Spider-Man is able to set up his camera and get photos of his battle for the Globe. Ultimately, the Cobra manages to tag Spider-Man with a number of his poisoned darts. Disorientated, Spider-Man is attacked by the Cobra. The battle draws the attention of the NYPD who send out Kris Keating and his special super-powers squad to try and stop the battle. They only succeed in tripping up Spider-Man, but eventually, the hero lands a knockout punch on his foe.

Spider-Man brings the Cobra down to the cops where Keating berates him for interfering in their manhunt, telling them that they could have easily captured the Cobra alone. Just as he finishes saying this, Keating is informed by one of his officers that the Cobra managed to escape while they were trying to get him into a police van. Spider-Man mocks Keating for bungling the capture and swings off. Furious, Keating tells Spider-Man that he won't forget this.


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man mentions his recent battle with Mesmero, this happened in Amazing Spider-Man #207. That was the same night he stood up Debora Whitman.
  • Peter points out that the Cobra typically fights Daredevil. At the time of this story, the Cobra had battled Daredevil many times along with his former partner, Mr. Hyde. These battles took place in Daredevil #3032, 61, 142143, and 153154.
  • Spider-Man likens the Cobra's speed to that of Quicksilver, who he fought a "long time ago". He is referring to the events of Amazing Spider-Man #71. Per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, it has been roughly three years since Spider-Man's encounter with Quicksilver and this story.

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