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Synopsis for "A Night On the Prowl!"

While out on a date with Debra Whitman, Peter Parker hears a story about Spider-Man's apparent attack on a famous fashion designer which lead to the death of her bodyguard. When a patrpon tries to change the channel on the projector television, Peter changes it back. The man tries to pick a fight with him and the pair go outside. Peter knocks him out with one punch. When Debora returns from the washroom, Peter abruptly ends his date to check out what's going on. This leaves Debra thinking that Peter only went out because he felt sorry for her. Web-slinging to the scene of the crime, Peter uses his press credentials with the Daily Globe to get the inside story. There Peter is brought up to speed by the police and the intended victim, fashion designer Steve Daugherty, and his press agent Desiree Vaughn-Pope. She explains that they had come home earlier that evening, catching who they thought was Spider-Man had broken in. The ensuing scuffle resulted in the death of the bodyguard. Examining strange finger marks on the concrete wall outside, and metal flechettes that were fired at the bodyguard, the police determine that this was not the work of Spider-Man, but unsure who. However, Peter Parker has seen enough that he has a good idea who is.

Peter pays a visit to Hobie Brown as Spider-Man, pulling Brown out of his bed to question him. The web-slinger learns that Hobie had retired his Prowler identity after an unsuccessful attempt at joining the Defenders. He takes Spider-Man into the basement of his apartment building and they check the storage locker where he keeps his costume. However, he discovers that someone broke in and stole his costume. Hobie is furious, but Spider-Man assures him that he will find out who is posing as the Prowler and bring him to justice. The new Prowler turns out to be Spider-Man's old foe the Cat. When he returns to his hideout, he is confronted by his employer, Belladonna and fills her in on what happened. The Cat is mortified that the robbery ended in someone's death. However, this gives Belladonna the edge she needs to prevent the Cat from turning on her.

The following morning, Peter goes to the Rest Well Retirement Home to visit his Aunt May. There he discovers that May and her friends all praising Spider-Man for recently saving May's life. Peter is glad that his Aunt May's opinion of Spider-Man is changing. However, his mood is soured when he goes to Empire State University and catches the recent anti-Spider-Man rant by J. Jonah Jameson on the front page of the Daily Bugle. Troubled by this news, he is distracted and seems disinterested when Debra Whitman tries to ask him out again. That evening he goes out looking for the new Prowler as Spider-Man. What the wall-crawler isn't aware of is that his foe is also out looking for him. The pair comes to blows, and the Prowler takes Spider-Man into a clothing manufacturer. There, they are sealed in an airtight room by Belladonna who intends to gas both men to death.


Continuity Notes

  • The Prowler recounts his disasterous day with the Defenders. This occurred in Defenders #64.
  • This story makes multiple references to how Aunt May was kidnapped by the Burglar who was responsible for killing Uncle Ben. Those events and May's rescue at Spider-Man's hands occurred in Amazing Spider-Man #200.

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