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Synopsis for "These Wings Enslaved!"

Put on an assignment for a fancy dinner with his boss J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker is followed by the remains of Will O' the Wisp. At the party, is James Melvin, the man Wisp blames for his current state. Wisp, in a plot to restore his original body, possesses the battle suit of Melvin's bodyguard, Killer Shrike and kidnaps scientist (and Jameson's date Marla Madison) to achieve his goal.

Peter manages to slip away and chase after Shrike and Madison as Spider-Man. He tracks them to a Brand Corporation building where Will uses Shrike to convince Madison to operate the machine which originally turned him into Will O' the Wisp. As Spider-Man holds off the Brand Corporation security, Madison manages to successfully reincorporate Will O' the Wisp's body into a solid form.

Will O' the Wisp then uses his powers to destroy the device and set the factory ablaze, vowing to get revenge on the Brand corporation before fleeing. Afterwords Spider-Man departs as well, and Madison is reunited with Jameson who vows to write an expose on the Brand Corporation. Melvin warns Jameson from doing so as the Brand Corporation is controlled by the more powerful Roxxon Oil conglomerate.


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  • When Spider-man web-slings, we see several advertisements of Marvel publications, including one saying "Read Moon Knight" on page 2, and another saying "Read Adventure, science fiction, fantasy: Epic" (probably; Will-O'-The-Wisp covers part of the text) on page 5.

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