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Synopsis for "I Want Spider-Man!"

When the director sends out a film crew for the TV show "On the Trail of" to capture more footage of Spider-Man, one of the cameramen is Martin Blank -- Spidey's old foe the Gibbon. Blank promises to get new footage of Spider-Man, in the hopes of getting revenge for his past defeat at Spidey's hand.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man web-slings across the city, unaware that his actions and abilities are being monitored by the Beetle who is waiting for the right moment to get revenge himself. After attending to some business at ESU, Peter changes back into Spider-Man when he notices some strange men who are interested in the new student Greg Salinger. Peter learns that they are FBI agents, and decides to live and let be.

As Spider-Man swings across the city, he is found by the "On the Trail of" camera crew in a helicopter. Blank uses this moment to put on his Gibbon costume and fight Spider-Man. The Gibbon is hopelessly outmatched by Spider-Man, who goes easy on his former foe. When the Gibbon is defeated, Spider-Man gets the drop put on him by the Beetle who attacks from behind by dropping a chimney on the wall-crawler.


Continuity Notes

  • The Beetle recalls how he was previously defeated by Iron Man, that happened in Iron Man #127.
  • Peter mentions his break-up with Mary Jane Watson. They split after she turned down his proposal in Amazing Spider-Man #183.


  • The television show "On The Trail Of" is an obvious pastiche of In Search Of… (1977-1978), a documentary series starring Leonard Nimoy. The "star," Felix Simon, hints that his old TV series "The Star Lords" might be made into a movie, while Nimoy's old TV series "Star Trek" was made into a movie in 1979 - a recent date for this 1981 comic.

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