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Synopsis for "The Power to Purge!"

After a near fall when his web-fluid runs out, Spider-Man recalls the last time a situation like this happened. This was the time when Spider-Man and the Human Torch worked together to defeat Morbius the Living Vampire.

Finishing his recollection, Spider-Man remembers that after that adventure, he turned Morbius over to Professor X of the X-Men, and how Morbius later vanished when fighting the Thing. He then dismisses Morbius as a foe that will no longer be a worry of Spider-Man, totally unaware that in another realm some force is forcing Morbius to use the Living Eraser's dimensional transportation devices to return to Earth.


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man recounts his battle with Morbius from Marvel Team-Up #3 he mentions what befell of Morbius:
    • He was eventually captured and taken into the care of the X-Men in Marvel Team-Up #4.
    • Morbius later escaped captivity in Fear #20.
    • Finally, Morbius banished himself to another dimension using the Living Eraser's dimensional devices in Marvel Two-In-One #15.

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