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Appearing in "By the Light of the Silvery Moonstone"

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Synopsis for "By the Light of the Silvery Moonstone"

While swinging through the city, Spider-Man spots, saves and convinces a young man that imitating Spider-Man is a good way to get hurt. Arriving at Empire State University, Spider-Man spies someone breaking into Curt Connor's office. In trying to stop the thief, he finds that it is Moonstone, who has come to steal the Enervator device to boost her powers.

During their fight, Marcy Kane walks in and is blasted by Moonstone, leaving Spider-Man to administer CPR while Moonstone escapes with the device. When Spidey hears the police coming, he makes a quick change into Peter Parker to avoid any trouble with the police. Marcy is taken to the hospital, and Peter is questioned by the police, who believe Spider-Man is responsible given that there are webbing and a broken spider-light at the scene.

When Curt Connors arrives on the scene to vouch for Spider-Man's innocence and answer the police officers about what was stolen, Peter slips away to change into Spider-Man. Spidey meets with Connors after the police are gone and Curt gives him a device to track the Enervator. Spider-Man tracks it to Moonstone's hideout and Spider-Man battles the Enervator empowered Moonstone.

Their fight takes them to a construction site where the power channeled through the device causes it to become unstable. Knocking it away, and also incapacitating Moonstone with a falling crane, Spider-Man tosses the Enervator into a building scheduled for demolition where it explodes harmlessly. Spider-Man then leaves the scene, changing back to Peter Parker to visit Marcy in the hospital. There he learns that she is okay, and the two bury the hatchet of their long-standing rivalry.


Continuity Notes

  • The Enervator device that Moonstone seeks was constructed created to cure Curt Connors during one of his transformations into the Lizard, as seen in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #34 and to cure Spider-Man from his transformation into the Spider-Lizard, issue 40

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