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  • Gold Bug's Ship

Synopsis for "Gold Fever!"

The villain Goldbug is trying to get membership in the Maggia, however, the representatives he is speaking with wish him to prove his worth to them. The decide that to send him to ESU to steal gold that is currently being experimented on. As the gold is being transported to the ESU science wing, Peter Parker takes some photos of the event as Spider-Man, before changing to his civilian identity and meeting up with his colleagues. Peter's new friendship with Marcy Kane causes Debra to worry and reconsider her feelings for Peter.

As Peter and Dr. Sloan experiment on the gold with radiation, Goldbug arrives to steal it. During the theft, Goldbug uses his gold gun to turn two security guards and Debra into gold statues. Peter tags Goldbug's escaping ship with a spider-tracer before creating a solution to dissolve the gold trapping Debra and the others.

Knowing the gold is dangerous due to its radioactivity, Peter goes after the Goldbug as Spider-Man. He traces it to a warehouse hideout of the Maggia, where he gets locked in a fight with the Maggia and Goldbug. During the fight, Spider-Man manages to remove Goldbug's gloves to show that they have suffered radiation burns. Furious that Goldbug could be so stupid, the Maggia try to kill him along with Spider-Man. Spider-Man manages to jump out of the way of the bullets, but apparently, Goldbug is gunned down and sinks to the bottom of the river due to his gold costume and seemingly drowns.

When Spider-Man surfaces, he notices that the fight has brought the police who are rounding up the Maggia members and recovering the stolen gold. With his job complete, Spider-Man quietly swims away from the scene.


Continuity Notes

  • Although Goldbug is seemingly killed in this story, he resurfaces alive and well in Solo Avengers #17.

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