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Quote1.png I need to sharpen my stalking skills... if Kraven is to hunt again!! Quote2.png

Appearing in ""The Heart is a Lonely Hunter""

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Synopsis for ""The Heart is a Lonely Hunter""

Kraven the Hunter is on the loose again honing his skills to get revenge on Spider-Man with the help of his lover Calypso. Meanwhile, Peter Parker has been informed that his grades are so low are risking the end of his scholarship. He agrees to take tutoring lessons from Marcy Kane.

When out on patrol as Spider-Man, Peter is attacked by Kraven. However, for each time that Kraven goes in for the kill, Calypso interferes in some way. When she tags Spider-Man with a hallucinogenic dart, Kraven tries to get Spider-Man again, but Calypso's interference again offends Kraven's sense of entitlement to revenge over Spider-Man. Feeling he cannot defeat Spider-Man with any sort of dignity, Kraven stops his attack and turns himself over the to the authorities.


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