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Synopsis for "Boomerang the Killer That Keeps Coming Back!"

Boomerang is back, and he has made a mark in New York City by eliminating a government witness. Meanwhile, Peter Parker wakes up and finds that everyone wants a piece of him: He's late for T.Aing at ESU, Marcy Kane is mad at him for ditching her the night before, the Bugle wants him to take pictures of the scene of the government witness and Aunt May wants to talk to him. The final straw is that his Spider-Man costume is wrecked and he has to sew it back together.

Meanwhile, the Boomerang has offered his services to the Kingpin, who after witnessing a display of his abilities agrees to hire him. The Kingpin sends him out to eliminate Spider-Man. While at ESU, Peter finds his pressures mounting up, Professor is giving him slack for always being late, and Debra is smothering him, the pressure gets to be too much and Peter goes out to clear his head as Spider-Man.

While swinging through the city, he becomes a target of Boomerang, and after a pitched battle, he manages to knock loose all of Boomerang's weapons loose. Trying to flee Boomerang is stopped by a bunch of the Kingpin's men, and Spider-Man makes short work of them all leaving them for the police.


Continuity Notes

  • The Kingpin goes over Boomerang's career, including his stint with the Secret Empire against the Hulk, which occurred in Tales to Astonish #8188 and his more recent clash with Iron Fist in Iron Fist #11 & 13, as well as his part in a failed attempt to overthrow SHIELD in Marvel Team-Up #8384.
  • The Kingpin also mentions how Bullseye learned the folly of trying to take the role of his head assassin. This is a reference to Daredevil #181, when Bullseye killed Elektra only to be crippled by Daredevil.

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