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Appearing in "Hell Hath No Fury Like a Robot Scorned!"

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  • Robot Master (Only Appearance; Destroyed)

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Synopsis for "Hell Hath No Fury Like a Robot Scorned!"

While visiting the grave of his Uncle Ben with Aunt May and Nathan Lubensky, Peter is told that they intend on reopening May's old home and make it into a home for the elderly. After they leave Peter behind to spend time alone, he happens upon a group of people attacking a bald man. After the fight, he notices that one of them dropped a wallet, which contained an FBI badge and that they were fighting in front of the tomb of his old foe Mendel Stromm.

Returning to ESU, Peter is confronted by Debra's boyfriend Biff Rifkin for how he blew up at Debra the day before. Peter simply knocks him out with his spider-strength before being pulled into Professor Sloan's office. Sloan suggests that Peter gives up his Teachers Assistant job so that he can focus on his studies, a decision Peter concedes to. He abruptly leaves, unaware that Debra is following him. When he suddenly disappears and Spider-Man is seen swinging by, Debra begins to suspect that Peter is Spider-Man.

Deciding to blow some steam as Spider-Man, Peter decides to check out what the FBI was up to at Stromm's tomb earlier and finds that the agents at the field office are being attacked by a giant robot. After helping destroy the robot, Spider-Man offers their aid and learns that the FBI is convinced the Mendel Stromm has survived. Peter agrees to join them back to Stromm's tomb to find out the truth. Spider-Man and the FBI agent learn that it's really Stromm's "Son" a robot built in his likeness.

Spider-Man helps the FBI in destroying the new Robot Master's inventions, and Spider-Man single-handedly destroys the Stromm robot.


Continuity Notes

  • Peter recounts how he got his powers and the death of Uncle Ben, as originally depicted in Amazing Fantasy #15.

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