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Synopsis for "The Great Cloak & Dagger Hunt"

Continued from last issue... Left alone in the room of the late Silvermane by Cloak and Dagger, Spider-Man has to fight off Silverman's heavies before escaping. Having set up his camera before the fight with Cloak and Dagger, as Peter Parker, Spider-Man sells the pictures of his battle to the Bugle.

Meanwhile, Cloak and Dagger continue their lethal war on drugs, unaware that Silvermane has been revived back to life in a new cyborg body. Demanding revenge, the cyborg Silvermane goes on a rampage through the city looking for Cloak and Dagger to get his revenge.

Learning of the rampage, Peter leaves Debra again to go into action as Spider-Man unaware that Debra is becoming suspect to Peter's secret identity. As Spider-Man, Peter arrives in time to get in the middle of Cloak, Dagger, and Silvermane's fight in the subway. Although Dagger manages to knock out Silvermane with her light daggers, Spider-Man convinces them to not kill Silvermane.

Cloak and Dagger teleport away, leaving Spider-Man with the unconscious Silvermane. Meanwhile, Debra Whitman is at home crying over her troubles, and it appears that there is more wrong than simple romance problems.


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