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Synopsis for "Peter Parker, You Are the Spectacular Spider-Man!"

Peter Parker is confronted by Bailey Kuklin who is Debra Whitman's psychiatrist, who has come to ask for Peter's aid in solving Debra's mental problems, as she believes that Peter is Spider-Man. Peter tells him he needs to think about it. He's then called by Joe Robertson who wants Peter to be present for the trail of Fred Slade, AKA the Boomerang.

The next day during the trial, the Boomerang makes a daring escape using his boomerang skills and holding a hostage. However, Boomerang is defeated when Peter changes into Spider-Man and easily captures him. Changing back to Peter Parker, Spider-Man notices suspicious men who were hoping for the Boomerang to get free. Finding them suspicious Peter tags them with a spider-tracer.

Tracking them later as Spider-Man, Peter stumbles upon the Owl's latest base of operations and arrives just as Dr. Octopus has also arrived proposing an alliance between the two criminals. Peter battles the two crooks, however in spite of his best efforts, both the Owl and Dr. Octopus flee. Returning home, Peter decides to help Kuklin try and cure Debra of her problems.


Continuity Notes

  • Ben Urich makes a comment on how he hopes he and Peter's current assignment goes better than the last one. He is referring to the hunt for Nose Norton, which was interrupted by the Tarantula in Amazing Spider-Man #233.
  • Blake Tower accuses Boomerang of trying to fill in Bullseye spot as the Kingpin's chief assassin. He is referring to the fact that Bullseye was crippled by Daredevil in retaliation for killing Elektra in Daredevil #181.

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