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Appearing in "Crime and Punishment"

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Synopsis for "Crime and Punishment"

The Punisher is seeking to hunt down and kill the Kingpin for his proliferation of drugs throughout the city. However, the Punisher's mind has become unhinged and the vigilante goes on a shooting spree, shooting anyone for committing even the most minor of offenses from domestic disputes, to littering, to jaywalking. This alerts the police prompting the Punisher to flee the scene.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is trying to convince Cloak and Dagger to help him stop the Punisher from murdering the Kingpin. The two vigilante's, wanting the same fate for Fisk as the Punisher refuse to help and teleport away. Spider-Man then rushes across the city to try and warn the Kingpin of the attempted assassination attempt. While at the hospital, Felicia Hardy is feeling well enough to try and go out on the town as the Black Cat again.

When Spider-Man arrives at the Kingpin's home to warn him, the criminal spots him attempting to sneak in and tells him to enter, revealing that he is well aware of Cloak and Dagger's desire to make an attempt on his life. The Kingpin tells the Wall-Crawler that he is more than prepared to deal with any intruders and decides to show off the guards he has in place on his security monitors. He is shocked however to find that all his guards have been knocked out.

Suddenly, Cloak and Dagger appear and attempt to kill the Kingpin. However, the crime lord is prepared and escapes through a secret wall panel, leaving Spider-Man to fight Cloak and Dagger alone. The Kingpin is far from safe, however, because waiting for him in the next room is the Punisher. As Spider-Man tries to convince Cloak and Dagger to not kill the Kingpin, they give him a good fight. However, their clash is interrupted by the arrival of some of the Kingpin's men who Cloak disorientates by sucking them into the dark dimension within his shroud. Spider-Man almost convinces Dagger to change her methods, however, she decides to continue to side with Cloak and fires light daggers at Spider-Man causing him to fall into the Cloak's void.

Meanwhile, the Punisher and Kingpin duke it out, and despite the fact that the Punisher is armed to the teeth with weapons, he proves incapable of gunning down the crime boss. When Vanessa Fisk wanders into the room, the Punisher grabs her as hostage sending the Kingpin into a fury. Spider-Man meanwhile is pulled out of the dark dimension within Cloak when some of Dagger's wild light daggers strike Cloak, causing a path of light that leads Spider-Man out of that dimension. After Dagger tells him that he is in her debt for saving their lives, the two vigilante's teleport into the next room to finish the job they came to complete. When Spider-Man breaks through to the next room he finds the exact thing Cloak and Dagger have: No sign of the Kingpin and the Punisher, beaten into unconsciousness.

With their enemy escaped, Cloak and Dagger teleport away to plot anew, leaving Spider-Man alone with the unconscious Punisher.

Solicit Synopsis

The Punisher and Cloak and Dagger battle it out, and the survivor must then battle the Kingpin to a brutal conclusion.


Continuity Notes[]

  • The Punisher's erratic behavior (shooting litterbugs and the like) is due to the fact that he was drugged in prison. This is revealed in Punisher #1.

Continuity Errors[]

  • Vanessa Fisk calls her husband "Wilbur" in this issue. His first name is actually Wilson.


  • This issue may have been referenced by a speech baloon of DC Comics Vigilante Vol 1 30, published in 1986, where Vigilante says that he is not meant to be shooting down litterbugs and jaywalkers.

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