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Synopsis for "The Hatred of the Hobgoblin"

The criminal known as the Hobgoblin has spent the past while perfecting a delivery system of the Goblin formula created by Norman Osborn. Creating a gaseous form he exposes himself to the formula, and although he spends too much time immersed within and the vat explodes, the Hobgoblin survives and gains the super-strength he was hoping to achieve. Dawning his costume once more the Hobgoblin then goes out to seek out Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker meets at the Tavern-On-The-Green with Harry Osborn, his wife Liz, Flash Thompson, Sha Shan, Betty Brant and Mary Jane. The Osborn's announces that Liz is pregnant with a child, and everyone congratulates them. Peter notices that Flash is acting strangely, and when he tries to get his old high school tormentor to talk he simply storms off. He is then confronted by Mary Jane and the two talk about how MJ turned down his marriage proposal. She has to depart for a photo shoot, however not without implying that perhaps someday she'll be ready. Peter decides to dismiss the idea since he is now presently in a relationship with the Black Cat. Changing into Spider-Man, Peter swings across the city and once more mulls over the idea that for the first time in his double identity he's dating someone who loves Spider-Man, not Peter Parker.

Spider-Man stops by Felicia's apartment, where he signals her while she's in the bathtub. She shoos her mother out of the apartment and changes into her Black Cat costume before letting Spidey in. After sharing a kiss she asks him about taking off his mask and revealing his true identity to her, however for whatever reasons Peter chokes, and this momentarily upsets the Black Cat. They change the pace of the evening by having dinner together. There she tells him that she is in love with Spider-Man, not the man behind the mask and finds his life of crime fighting exciting. Spidey cautions her that his life isn't quite so romantic and adventurous as she makes it out to be and often times very dangerous.

The two decide to go out swinging across the city together, and Spider-Man questions about the nature of her bad luck powers. The Black Cat admits that the bad luck powers were really a hoax that she staged everything before the battle. Realizing that Felicia is an ordinary person, Spider-Man gets upset and suggests that they return to her apartment. However, before they can go they are attacked by the Hobgoblin.

As Spider-Man attempts to stop the foe, the Black Cat tries her best to help him out, however she proves to be more of a liability than anything else. If Spider-Man is not shielding her from danger, she's throwing herself at it and causing herself to get injured. When the Hobgoblin grabs her by the throat a worried Spider-Man jumps in an lands a punch. The Hobgoblin then blinds Spider-Man momentarily with a bolt from his finger and charges at the disorientated hero. The Black Cat tries to jump in the way unaware that Spider-Man is decoying the Hobgoblin causing the two to jump into each other.

The Hobgoblin, killing himself with laughter mocks the two heroes for being their own worse enemies and decides that he will return some other day to battle the two heroes. As Spider-Man silently watches the Hobgoblin get away, the Black Cat gets down on herself for screwing things up so badly.

Solicit Synopsis

What are Liz Allen and Harry Osborne smiling about? The answer will surprise you! Meanwhile, the Hobgoblin returns with more superpowers and weapons than the original Green Goblin ever had. And a perplexed Spider-Man ponders whether to allow his love, the Black Cat, to lead her life of danger and thrills - but how could he stop her?


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  • The women whom Peter Parker had past romances with referenced in this issue are:

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