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Synopsis for "Mistaken Identities"

Spider-Man has finally agreed to show the Black Cat where he lives and what his secret identity is. When he takes Black Cat to his apartment, she is shocked that it's a borderline slum apartment and not some garish mansion or secret base. He explains that he came from a humble upbringing and explains his origins and why he became Spider-Man, to begin with after gaining his powers. Explaining his purpose is that of duty as opposed to fame or thrill-seeking he unmasks and reveals himself as Peter Parker. Gazing upon the man behind the mask, the Black Cat is horrified and asks Peter to please put his mask back on.

Peter is disappointed to find that the Black Cat loves Spider-Man and not Peter Parker, but he puts his mask back on anyway much to Felicia's joy. Felicia then suggests they swing into the night and bolts out the window instead of the skylight. Peter follows after her upset that she would compromise his secret identity in such a brazen way. When he finally catches up he has her promise not to betray his secret identity again, but suggests to Peter that he would embrace who he really is: Spider-Man. Peter considers the situation for the moment as the Black Cat is the only woman he's loved that loved him as Spider-Man, not Peter Parker, and how recently he enjoys being Spider-Man more than being Peter Parker.

They are interrupted when they head a gunshot followed by a scream. Spider-Man goes toward the disturbance asking the Black Cat to stay behind but she follows him anyway. They a young couple who have just been mugged, the man having been shot. Getting the direction that the muggers went from his woman, and with an ambulance arriving to take the wounded away, Spider-Man and the Black Cat chase after the crooks.

The two work together to bust up the muggers and as they fight think to themselves how much they love one another. When the battle is over they express their love. Suddenly Felicia grows faint, still recovering after her release from the hospital, and Spider-Man suggests going back to his place. Felicia refuses and suggests hers, digging the knife deeper for Peter who is still uneasy about her love of his Spider-Man identity over his Peter Parker one. Wanting to have some kind of happiness in his life, Peter decides to forget about it and embrace what he has and swings off to Felicia's apartment. As he does, the phone at his place begins to ring.

Solicit Synopsis

We all know that the beautiful Black Cat loves Spidey - but there's a man behind the wall-crawler's mask - and there's a shocking turning point in that man's career in store!


Continuity Notes

  • Although Felicia learns Spider-Man's double identity in this story, she is forced to forget when Peter and Mary Jane made a deal with Mephisto which included Spider-Man's identity becoming secret again, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #545.
  • The women whom Peter Parker had past romances with referenced in this issue are:

Continuity Errors

  • Harry Osborn is depicted as being one of the students that went to high school with Peter at Midtown High. However, this is not accurate. Peter doesn't meet Harry until he starts attending Empire State University in Amazing Spider-Man #31.

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