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Synopsis for "Power Search"

The Kingpin meets with one of his minions who has prepared him a report on Spider-Man, and in that the Wall-Crawler helped save the Kingpin from Cloak and Dagger, and saved the city from Dr. Octopus all debts that the Kingpin owed to Spider-Man were off and he may proceed to consider him an enemy again. The Kingpin is pleased as he has prepared for the creation of a new assassin to deal with Spidey.

While elsewhere the Black Cat has fled the scene where she and Spider-Man battled Mr. Hyde and the Cobra because it was due to her interference that he was hurt. Spider-Man tracks her down and the two have an argument about it, Spider-Man tells her that getting hurt is part of the job and the Cat flees the scene before Peter can reaffirm to her that thanks to her he survived his battle against Mr. Hyde. While Peter returns home to brood, the Black Cat goes off to seek out a means of gaining super-powers so that she can be a better help to Spider-Man. When Peter is visited by Joe Robertson who is concerned about Peter, Peter alludes to the fact that he's had women troubles and that is why he hasn't been by the Bugle recently. After seeing Joe out, he decides to go out and find the Black Cat.

Later that day, the Black Cat arrives at the offices of Stane International and learns that the company is no longer run by Tony Stark[1]. She then tries calling on Henry Pym, who is busy in an experiment and doesn't answer the phone. A call to the Fantastic Four finds that the heroes are out of town. She decides that trying to seek things out as Felicia Hardy has proven useless and decides to go out as the Black Cat. Paying a visit to Avengers Mansion she is captured by the mansion's security. When she is confronted by Captain America and the Wasp she offers them money to give her super-powers. They refuse, but Felicia doesn't give up and begins staking out the Baxter Building.

She eventually witnesses the Fantastic Four returning home from their most recent mission and pays the group a visit. They attack her as an intruder until she is tripped up enough for them to ask her what she is doing in their headquarters. When she asks them to grant her super-powers, they all refuse to cite that to do so on purpose could be very dangerous. Furious, the Black Cat storms out, more determined than ever to gain new powers to help Spider-Man. With no other super-heroes to petition, Felicia decides to see if any of her former criminal colleagues can do.

Her asking around eventually gets her the attention of a mysterious benefactor who agrees to give her super-human powers. After a battery of experiments this strange power broker's scientists endow Felicia with the bad-luck powers that she used to hoax. In a combat trail, sure enough, she gives off an aura that slips up everyone who tries to attack her and she eventually defeats them all in combat. With the test a complete success, the benefactor reveals himself to be none other than the Kingpin. All Fisk asks for in return is that she complete him one favor in the future, she agrees so long as it doesn't involve harming Spider-Man. The Kingpin agrees and allows her to leave, silently gloating that he set into motion events that will lead the Black Cat into destroying Spider-Man.

Sometime later, Peter Parker is in Central Park parting company with Harry Osborn. Suddenly, Peter is jolted by another powerful spider-sense warning and feels compelled to travel deeper in Central Park as Spider-Man. Investigating further he finds a giant device that calls him further and cannot help himself but to swing through its entryway and is suddenly teleported away.

Solicit Synopsis

Black Cat's search for super-powers leads her into the clutches of the Kingpin - and it's all for the love of Spidey!


Continuity Notes

  • The Kingpin recounts how he gave Spider-Man information on how to defeat Doctor Octopus, and in return, he protected the Kingpin from Cloak and Dagger. These events happened in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #7576 and 8182 respectfully.

The final scene where Spider-Man is abducted by the Beyonder occurs concurrently with the final pages of Amazing Spider-Man #251, and Marvel Team-Up #140.

Chronology Notes

Events in this story occur behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:


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  1. Having recently been taken over by Obadiah Stane
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