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Synopsis for "...Like a Tiger in the Night!"

A protest has begun at Empire State University over the proposed closure of night school courses due to budgetary constraints. Viewing this as a disadvantage to the students who take nigh school -- mostly African-American and Hispanics from the South Bronx, leads to a heated debate. When Professor Vasquez, a sympathetic teacher joins the protest when it is learned the university refuses to sell the Erskine Manuscripts, which could bring enough money to keep the night school courses running. Two of the people at the protest, Hector Ayala (secretly the White Tiger) and Peter Parker wonder if there is not something they can do.

Peter Parker encounters who appears to be the White Tiger stealing the manuscripts and the two get into a fight. When trying to escape the "White Tiger" is caught up when crooks seeking to steal the valuable book get in his way. The crooks managed to steal the book and escape when Peter gets back into a struggle with the "White Tiger". When security arrives, "White Tiger" makes an escape.

Deciding to read up on the White Tiger, Spider-Man learns of his connection with Blackbyrd and goes to visit Blackbyrd in Harlem. After introductions are made, Blackbyrd tells Spider-Man of the origins of the White Tiger as they take a cab to Empire State University. There, Spider-Man decides to do more poking around, while Professor Vasquez returns to his office he finds it has been rifled through. Finding the Erskine manuscripts on his desk, he is confronted by the White Tiger, who wants answers as to why Professor Vasquez has the book when Spider-Man interrupts the scene.


Continuity Notes

  • Peter Parker recognizes the White Tiger from stories printed in the Daily Globe. The Globe has been focusing on the career of the White Tiger since Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #22.
  • The Erskine Manuscripts were written by Abraham Erskine, the creator of the Super Soldier Serum that birthed Captain America, as depicted in Captain America Comics #1.

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