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Quote1.png -- the mask. It would be so easy. After all this time. I'd know... Quote2.png
-- J. Jonah Jameson

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Synopsis for "Venom Triumphant"

In the bowels of the Manhattan Correctional Facility, a state of the art maximum-security prison, Cletus Kasady - codenamed Prisoner #5769213 - is the sole inmate of a secret sub-level for super-villains. Imprisoned by multiple layers of anti-symbiote defences, Cletus - kept from transforming into Carnage by sonic disruptors - mocks the heavily-armored guards outside his cell.

One of the guards notices a janitor approaching and opens the first layer of anti-symbiote defences, warning him that the last janitor got too close. Stating that he'll only get as close as necessary, the janitor reveals himself to be Eddie Brock. As the Venom symbiote sheds its disguise and engulfs him, Eddie mockingly asks Cletus if he missed them. Shocked, Cletus attempts to transform into Carnage and nervously greets Venom, asking if they came to break him out. Venom growls that Cletus has something that belongs to him, Cletus wondering out loud what he means before reacting in horror. Venom declares his intent to rip the Carnage symbiote - the Venom symbiote's offspring - out of Cletus' body and assimilate it into its progenitor. Recoiling, Cletus smirks as he spots the guards taking aim at Venom, who simply laughs and says he'll be right back.

As Venom casually slaughters the guards, Cletus protests that should be impossible. Sneering that even sonic weapons and flamethrowers can't stop him now, Venom shuts down the sonic barrier separating him from Cletus. Terrified, Cletus proposes that he and Venom team up instead, but Venom refuses and grabs onto the Carnage symbiote. As Cletus screams, Venom rips the Carnage symbiote out of his body, sneering that he and Cletus were never alike, as while Cletus kills for no reason he only kills those who deserve it - quipping that's more fun. Devouring the Carnage symbiote, Venom develops a case of the hiccups.

Elsewhere, Peter Parker attempts to hang up a "Welcome Home" banner for Mary Jane; his Aunt May chastizing him to be careful. Addressing Jill Stacy, Peter asks if she's sure MJ will be arriving that evening; Jill replying that that's what MJ's message said before telling him to raise the right corner a little higher. As Peter does so, the step ladder her's standing on topples over. Peter considers using his spider-agility to stick the landing, but decides against outing himself as Spider-Man to May and Jill. Jill attempts to catch Peter, but the impact sends them toppling to the floor in a tangle of limbs. May wryly reminds Jill that she said she'd drop her off at Anna Watson's house and that Peter is off-limits. Awkwardly getting up, Jill remarks they can head out right away to give Peter time to freshen up. Peter notes that May seems to be spending a lot of time at their old house; May replying that she misses it and has a lot of good memories there before quickly adding that she's grateful for Peter and MJ letting her stay with them. Peter thanks them, saying he has a lot he wants to talk about with MJ and wants to make sure there are no interruptions. Unplugging the phone to avoid getting any more obscene phone calls, Peter happily states that the night is going to be perfect.

Later, Venom goes over a to-do list including killing his landlord, destroying the Daily Bugle, and multiple notes to kill Spider-Man. Wondering how J. Jonah Jameson is doing, Venom web-swings into the night.

At the Parkers' residence, Peter and Jill put the finishing touches on a romantic dinner; Jill brushing aside Peter remarking that MJ doesn't even like champagne. Assuring Peter that he'll be fine so long as he grovels for forgiveness, Jill kisses him on the cheek and walks out; saying that MJ will just make him squirm a little. In the dark apartment, Peter wonders if he really wants to wait for her to come home so he could apologize for being insensitive towards her needs and making them miss their second honeymoon, or if he should confess to having gone back to being Spider-Man. Peter turns his thoughts to the mystery phone calls, suspecting that Venom is behind them despite Eddie Brock - who no longer remembers Peter is Spider-Man - denying it. Walking up the wall, Peter contemplates just sticking to Jill's simple plan before deciding to come clean about everything as he climbs onto the roof. Spotting Venom, Peter rushes back into his apartment and throws on his costume; wondering why the Avengers, Fantastic Four, or even the Punisher can't put a stop to Venom for once.

At the JFK International Airport, Mary Jane Watson-Parker enters a taxi and is surprised when the driver recognizes her. Unnerved when he lauds her as the world's most beautiful woman, MJ gives him directions; the driver saying that people can never be too careful with all sorts of insane people roaming the city. Noticing the man's voice sounds strange, MJ asks if he has a cold; the driver replying that he has a minor sore throat as they pull away from the airport.

At the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson berates everyone within shouting distance for their lack of work ethic. A muscular blond man carrying a water jug asks Jonah where he wants it, Jameson brusquely telling him to put it wherever he wants. Gripping the jug so hard it cracks, the man - Eddie Brock - transforms into Venom and dumps the water jug's contents on the surrounding people. Grabbing Jonah, Venom blames him for helping ruin Eddie Brock's journalism career by debunking his Sin-Eater exposé. Leaping out the nearest window, Venom declares his intent to kill Jameson as he carries him to the Our Lady of Saints Church. Landing on top of the bell tower, Venom mockingly tells Jameson that he'll let the newspaper editor live if he's able to climb down unaided. As Jameson starts to slip, Venom mockingly tells him to hurry up since he's got places to go and people to kill. Before Jameson can fall, Spider-Man secures him with webbing and kicks Venom in the face. Venom gleefully states that he appreciates Spider-Man saving him the trouble of hunting him down. Noticing that Spider-Man isn't making quips, Venom mockingly asks if Spider-Man is afraid of him and can sense he's stronger than ever. Extending his claws into blades, Venom rants about how Spider-Man is to blame for the lion's share of Eddie Brock's suffering; extending his arm to punch him across the face.

Dodging Spider-Man's counterattacks, Venom grabs him by the leg and smashes him through the roof of the church. Acknowledging that Venom is too strong, Spider-Man contemplates just running but realizes Jonah would still be in danger. Wracking his brain for a solution, Spider-Man kicks Venom away and climbs into the bell-tower, ringing the bells like he'd once done to rid himself of the Venom symbiote. Just as Spider-man realizes the bells aren't working, Venom attacks him from behind and sneers that he anticipated Spider-Man would try that and removed the clappers. Crushing Spider-Man into the floor hard enough to shatter the boards, Venom declares his intent to devour Spider-Man entirely; sneering that he no longer cares who his nemesis is under the mask. As Venom's hiccups act up again, red veins and tendrils manifest on his body; Venom demanding to know why Spider-Man would protect Jameson when the newspaper editor has done nothing but slander and libel him. Spider-Man angrily retorts that he's not a psychopath like Venom is, Venom's attempting to make a snide retort being interrupted by his hiccups. Annoyed by his indigestion, Venom calls off the fight until the Venom symbiote has finished assimilating the Carnage symbiote; mocking Spider-Man with the knowledge that he could return at any time to finish him off. Climbing down into the belltower, Jonah notices Spider-Man lying unconscious and contemplates unmasking him.

At the Parker residence, MJ arrives to find the table set but no-one home. The phone rings and she answers it, only for a voice to mockingly tell her that she'll never escape from him and that he's going to kill her husband. Dropping the phone, MJ screams Peter's name in horror.

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