Quote1.png It's Mary Jane, dear... ...her plane, it... it... Quote2.png
-- Aunt May

Appearing in "Living in oblivion!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Manhattan
    • Prison
    • Parker penthouse
    • J.P. Bradford hardware, inc.
  • Florida (Mentioned)



  • Prison van

Synopsis for "Living in oblivion!"

From within his cell, Cletus Kasady dreams of Carnage defeating Spider-Man and Venom, but is awoken from his fantasies by his guard. Cletus vows to become Carnage once more. Aunt May learns that Mary Jane's plane has exploded. Cletus escapes from prison and paints himself red, deluding himself that he is Carnage once more. Spider-Man catches up to Carnage and incapacitates him with webbing. On arriving home, Peter finds out from Aunt May about the plane explosion.

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