Quote1.png Hehh... I guess it's easy to laugh in the face of danger when you don't take anything too seriously. Quote2.png
-- Peter Parker

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  • Limo

Synopsis for "The Best Medicine"

Peter is sitting near Ben Parker's grave in a rainstorm. Peter ruminates on how nothing is funny anymore as his life is lacking joyfulness. In flashback, Peter recalls numerous events and "talks" about them with Ben. In the end a car drives by and splashes Peter with mud and rainwater and this finally allows Peter to laugh.

Solicit Synopsis

At his lowest ebb, Spider-Man has finally accepted the reality of his wife's death. He's been consoled by his friends and family, but there's still one person he must make peace with-his long gone Uncle Ben. This is a story that cuts to the heart of the character as Peter Parker flashes back to the happiest times of his checkered life, revealing never-before-seen moments in one of comicdom's most cherished characters. Be there for a bittersweet and humorously optimistic tale which catches our star-crossed hero at a crossroads-and acts as a superb beginning for the new team of Jenkins and Buckingham!

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