Quote1 Thanks for the god lesson. I'll be leaving now! Good luck subjugating the will of all humanity. Quote2
-- Spider-Man

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Synopsis for "An Exemplary Day!"

In a hidden Thai temple, a young boy pursued by the police follows the call of Raggador and becomes the super-powered final Exemplar, Stonecutter.

In NYC, Spider-Man and MJ have an argument about the best way to deal with her stalker, and they go together to check on her friend Jill, whose father is missing. Peter visits the Daily Bugle for information but finds it subject to a series of tremors; when he investigates, he finds Stonecutter underneath the building, assembling an enormous machine that will enslave humanity and bring about the Octessence.

Spider-Man tries to stop him but is attacked and overmatched by the other Exemplars, forcing him to flee to Avengers mansion, where he reveals what he’s learned with Iron Man and Thor. The two Avengers tell him to stay put while they go off to fight the Exemplars. But the archaeologist Dr. Mann says the most important thing is to de-activate the machine; he and Spider-Man return to the scene hoping to prevent its assembly. Spider-Man has also called in back-up in the form of Professor X in his astral projection form. While the Avengers battle the Exemplars, Professor X tries to subdue the Juggernaut, but to his surprise, Professor X learns the Juggernaut is now powerful enough to teleport him bodily to the scene.

Spider-Man manages to disable the machine by tricking Decay into dissolving the final component, but Stonecutter instantly teleports everyone to the North Pole, where he can use the Earth’s natural ley lines to activate the machine anyway.

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