Quote1.png That's right Peter. I'm you and you're me and this... is a gun. Quote2.png
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After scientist Doctor Moon discovered a way to successfully create clones of animals, he unveiled his invention at Peter Parker's university. However, unknown to the public, Moon had created an evil clone of himself, one that incapacitated and impersonated the real Moon. The clone attacked Lisa Benson, however, she was saved by Spider-Man, who arrived just in time. During the altercation between Spider-Man and the clone, Spider-Man cut his hand, and was forced to flee. The clone obtained a sample of Spider-Man's blood from a puddle on the floor from Spider-Man's cut hand, and he used it to create an evil clone of Spider-Man. The clone tried to impersonate and kill the real Spider-Man, but during his climactic confrontation with him, he, along with Dr. Moon's clone, were both killed.[1]


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-730911.


  • Like Peter Parker, the clone was portrayed by Nicholas Hammond.
  • The character is an adaptation of Ben Reilly. However, as the adaptation pre-dates the 90's Clone Saga storyline, the character dies in his first appearance and never becomes known as either "Ben Reilly" or "Scarlet Spider".

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