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In this reality, when Spider-Man proposed to put aside their differences and help Ned Leeds, Spider-Clone still wasn't sure if to trust his genetic template or not. He decided to knock him out cold and save Ned Leeds by himself. The clone, convinced of himself being the real Spider-Man, decided to cryo-freeze the unconscious other Peter Parker in Miles Warren's laboratory until he knew what to do with him. Before placing him on cryo-freeze, he realised that this other Peter Parker looked older than him. He thought that it was because Miles Warren wanted the clone to have the edge to the real Spider-Man.

The clone's next stop was Aunt May's house. He was shocked when he found out that the house has been abandoned for a long time. He came to the conclusion that three years have passed since he was in suspended animation which was why the things have drastically changed from his recollection.

After asking his way through to find where Aunt May was staying, he finally found out that she was living in Anna May Watson's house with her. While chatting with the two, Aunt May stated that she was glad that Peter and Mary Jane was seeing each other again. This statement caused Peter to think that he had some sort of amnesia, as he didn't remember any relationship with Mary Jane.

Later on, Peter gathered (from their short chat with Aunt May and Anna Watson) that he had a pad somewhere in New York City. As he didn't know where his pad was, he decided to take a visit to the Daily Bugle. He met Betty Brant and had a small chat with her. He was surprised when he learned that Betty was married with Ned Leeds. After thinking that something was wrong with Peter, Betty decided to give Peter a lift to his apartment to accompany him to the way home. Peter gladly accepted it (as he didn't know the location of his apartment). While on the way, he learned that Gwen Stacy was dead and that he had something to do with it. After arriving at the street his apartment was located, he decided to wait outside until he figured out which building was his. While doing so, he fell asleep. He was woken up by Gloria Grant. She asked Peter what he was doing in the middle of the street in nighttime. Peter responded that he "sorta dozed off". While opening the door to her building, she questioned why wasn't he coming inside the building, to his apartment, to which Peter responded that he had to "go run an errand" (in truth, to change to Spider-Man). Glory Grant's question finally made Peter figure out which building was his. He then decided to peek at the building's windows to find his apartment. He finally found it when he noticed his web cartridges, a scope and developing equipment lying around a desk while looking through one of the windows.

Peter Parker (Clone) (Earth-81141) from What If? Vol 1 30

Peter finds out that he's not the real Peter Parker.

Whle inside his apartment, Peter spent an hour reading old letters from Gwen Stacy. He broke down to tears while reading the newspaper account of Gwen Stacy's death and questioned why he couldn't remember. He then decided to visit Warren's home, to search for clues. While looking through Warren's files, he found out that he was actually a clone, which made Peter broke down to tears yet again. Meanwhile, the police was investigating the same place at the same time. Peter decided to hide. When the police saw Warren's files, Peter thought that they musn't read the files documenting his origin and decided to took the files with him.

While on a rooftop, thinking about what to do next, he was suddenly attacked by a flying drone owned by Kingpin. Peter didn't recognize Kingpin when the latter talked through the drone. Kingpin then decided to self-destruct the drone. Before that could happen, Spider-Man threw the drone to a safe distance and it exploded without harming anyone.

Later, the clone took the original Peter out of suspended animation, the and dressed as Spider-Man while the original donned civilian clothing. Kingpin kidnapped the original Peter and used him to bait Spider-Man into a fight, and the pair fought at a fairground until Spider-Man was able to capture him. Kingpin however attempted to use the kidnapped Parker to leverage his freedom, but the original escaped and the pair of Parker's took out the Kingpin and his goons. The clone was then going to leave and start a new life but the original suggested they split the role of Spider-Man together to which the clone agreed.[1]



before he started college.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616 before he started college.


  • Like his Earth-616 counterpart, the clone was going to start off fresh with a new name and identity but was convinced otherwise by the real Peter Parker, offering him to split the role of Spider-Man between himself and his clone brother.
  • This clone is three years younger than the real Peter Parker.

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