Peter Parker (Earth-11209) from What If? Spider-Man Vol 1 1 0003

as Spider-Man

In this reality, Spider-Man ignored Madame Web's advice and in a fit of rage killed Kraven the Hunter. He was initially horrified over his actions and gave up being Spider-Man to live his life with Mary Jane. He was unable to however and returned to his role as Spider-Man, this time without any fear of killing his adversaries. He tracked down and killed several of his enemies, among them Norman Osborn. When Mary Jane confronted him, he decided that the world doesn't need a Spider-Man, it needed a hunter to protect the herd.
Peter Parker (Earth-11209) from What If Spider-Man Vol 1 1 0002

as the Hunter

He renounced his identity as Spider-Man and becomes the Hunter, taking up the role of Kraven and enslaving his family. Meanwhile however Madame Web attempted to convince Anya Corazon, also known as Araña to replace Spider-Man. Anya initially refused however and Madame Web was forced to recruit Venom, Spider-Woman and Anti-Venom to fight Peter. They manage to kill Peter's pack but he killed them all as well and seriously injured Madame Web.

Before dying Madame Web teleported Anya there in order to fight him. Peter initially overpowered her and fired his gun at her, but the gun misfired and blinded him. This allowed Anya to gain the upper hand. Peter begged her to kill him and said that if she doesn't, all the people he hurts will be because of her. Unlike Peter did however, Anya chose to spare him (similar to what peter did in the mainstream universe) and Peter was forced to continue living his normal life while Anya took up the mantle as the new Spider.[1]


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.


His eyes are too damaged to see through.

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