Much like his Earth-91274 counterpart, Peter Parker was sent out by Joe Robertson to take photos of whatever it was that stole the nuclear power plant components, and that led to Spider-Man's encounter with the Transformers.

  • Transformers (UK) #5 and Transformers (UK) #6 are a reprint of Transformers #3, so Earth-120185's Peter Parker is likely similar to Earth-91274's Peter, all the way until that story's end.
  • It is uncertain if Spider-Man is still around, since he did not participate in any further battles with Transformers. There is nothing in-story to indicate that he has disappeared or died.
  • "In "The Enemy Within," from Transformers (UK) #13, Megatron mentions Spider-Man as an example of why they need to hold back their attack on the Autobots in order to learn more about Earth, and use it to their advantage. This is one of the few references to the Marvel Universe in a UK-exclusive Transformers story (the others being "The Icarus Theory"[1] and "Destiny of the Dinobots!"[2]).
  • Spider-Man's comment in Transformers (UK) #6 about how he has "fought alongside some weird characters in [his] career" and his later reference to Reed Richards imply that there were other Marvel characters in this universe. It is unknown who all those "weird characters" were, but given the reference to Reed Richards and the fact that Shang-Chi, Iron Fist, and Elektra were later confirmed to exist in this Earth[3], Spider-Man probably teamed up with some of them at some point in the past.

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