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Peter Parker's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's. He was once a student of Bruce Banner and Banner became attached to Parker, loving him like a son. When Parker suffered from an unrevealed condition, Banner tried treating the affliction with a gamma-irradiated spider, but the procedure turned Parker into a gamma mutate.

When Banner went into hiding and was eventually found, President Ross held Parker hostage knowing Banner would cooperate if Parker's life was at stake. Ross ordered Banner to stop from an alternate reality version of himself from devastating his forces or he would kill Parker. Banner couldn't stop Banner-616 in time, so, Ross shot Parker and kicked him out his plane. Instead of dying, Parker transformed into a spider-like gamma monster.[2]

Parker's human form

As Spider-Hulk, Parker was at first able to overwhelm Banner-616. However, Banner-616 grew stronger from his rage and was able to defeat Parker in a single punch. Parker then reverted back to his human form and exclaimed that he didn't want to fight anymore. Ross then discharged what seemed to be bombs in the area, though they were actually containment units for what he called Abominations. It's unknown if Peter survived the ensuing explosion.[1]



Seemingly similar to those of the Peter Parker and those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616, with a larger, more monstrous form.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker.


Parker's intelligence becomes greatly reduced as Spider-Hulk.[1]

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