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Quote1.png Flash, you musclehead... You kept hope alive when it should've died. You saved the whole world. All of humanity. You're my hero. And you always will be. Quote2.png
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Peter Parker

Spider-Man seemingly had the same history as his Earth-616 counterpart. During an assault on Spider-Queen, most of the Resistance's superhuman members were captured by the Queen. Spider-Man was one of the heroes who were captured and thought by Agent Venom to be deceased.[1]

In reality, however, Peter was discovered to be alive by Agent Venom and the Vision, but was put into stasis by the Spider-Queen.[3] He was freed and welcomed back into the resistance and helped to cure Agent 13, Betty Brant, Carlie Cooper, and Mary Jane Watson by transforming them into Lizard-like creatures.[4]

Peter later gave Eugene his stealth suit to counteract his symbiote's vulnerability to sound and took part in the assault on The Queen's Castle. He advocated finding an alternative to killing Soria.[5]

During the battle, Spider-Queen mutated into a giant spider-like creature. Peter suggested surrender; Flash found this unacceptable and rushed at her. He convinced his symbiote to merge with her and force her to jump off the tower. While the fall only killed Venom, Stegron and an army of Dinosaurs arrived and ate her. Flash sustained internal injuries from the Queen's sonic scream and died from them.[2]

Afterwards, he was involved with the rebuilding of Avengers Tower. The reformed Avengers were visited by Dino-Thor, the Thor Corps representative of the Valley of Flame, who came on behalf of God Emperor Doom to pick a new baron of Spider-Island. His fellow builders all voted Peter, gaining him the title of Baron Spider-Man.[2]



Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.



Seemingly that of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.

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