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Early Life

Peter Benjamin Parker was an orphaned, young prodigy boy who lived with his aunt and uncle in Forest Hills, Queens.[2] Although an only child, Peter considered Eddie Brock, a boy whose parents died with Peter's in a plane crash[3], his older brother; Peter and Eddie, in fact, knew each other as "Bro." In nursery school, Peter met and became best friends with Eugene Thompson, whom he nicknamed Flash due to his tendency to streak at the time.[4] Their relationship, however, turned sour by high school. Flash became Midtown High's star football player, and Parker grew to be extremely bright in science and became a high honors student at Midtown High School. Parker's shyness and scholastic interest often made him a social outcast and a target for bullies, primarily football star Flash Thompson. By high school, Peter had made two new best friends: Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn.

The Spectacular Spider-Man

The classic tale of a shy high school boy bitten by a radioactive spider in a freak accident which turns him from nerd into hero!

Towards the end of his Sophomore year, Peter's class took a field trip to Dr. Connors' lab at the Empire State University. There, he was bitten by a genetically altered spider, which had escaped from its container (much like what had happened to his Earth-96283 counterpart); the genetic code in the spider's venom rewrote Peter's DNA, giving him spider-related powers such as enhanced strength, agility, speed, senses, reflexes, endurance, stamina, spider-sense and the ability to stick to any surface. Seeing the potential in his powers, Peter developed wrist-mounted devices that shot a web-like fluid and designed a costume. Telling Uncle Ben he was studying at the library, Peter actually entered in a wrestling match, under the ring name of Spider-Man, for a prize of $1,000. Though he quickly beats the champion, Crusher Hogan, the manager, Sullivan Edwards, denied his prize money unless he signs to a contract. Angry about this condition, Peter let a burglar (later revealed to be Black Cat's father[5]) get away with Edwards' vault money, telling Edwards it's not his problem.

Peter ended up walking home, as Uncle Ben seemingly never came to give him a ride. But upon arriving home, Peter learned the awful truth from his heartbroken aunt that a burglar had killed Ben for his car. When Peter caught the burglar, he was shocked to discover it was the same one he'd stepped aside for earlier. While tempted to kill the burglar as an act of vengeance, he knew Uncle Ben wouldn't approve. So, he spared his life and left him for the cops to collect. Filled with remorse, Peter then turned his Spider-Man persona into a superhero, finally taking to heart the message Uncle Ben tried to tell him the last time they spoke: "With great power, there must also come great responsibility."[6]

August Biology: The First Supervillains

Survival of the Fittest

The following summer vacation had been spent taking down crooks. But while this proved to be very easy, a mysterious crimelord code named the "Big Man" wanted him executed for foiling his operations, and he sent a special team called the Enforcers to do the dirty work. Meanwhile, Spider-Man found his start of Junior year occupied by fighting his first supervillain, the Vulture, off of Harry's dad, Norman. Peter, on the other hand, was struggling to help Aunt May pay off the accumulating bills. Peter and Gwen were offered an internship at Dr. Connors' lab where college freshman Eddie was interning, but when he learned high school interns didn't get paid, he sought a job at the Daily Bugle for money. Spider-Man later on defeats the Vulture and the Enforcers. After he returns home May tells Peter about his new curfew but Peter understands her because she wanted.

At E.S.U Connors is experimenting with genetically altered Electric Eels. While Eddie explains to Peter and Gwen how these Eels work, an electrician named Max Dillon is upgrading the labs bio-electric filters. Connors waits for Max to finish but he sends Peter and Gwen home. Peter gets a call from Aunt May then he tells her he's walking Gwen home and that he be home right after. Max is busy trying to fix a malfunction but one of his tools fall into a electric field; he touches it unknowing that it was electrocuted and gets a shock as electricity burst from his body. Later Max is sent to a hospital while his body is trying to adjust to the electricity and gets sent to a morgue. Meanwhile Spidey is in a rush to get to school so he swings there but is still late with his shirt barely covering his costume. Flash tells Peter that the Bugle stole Peter's idea to take pictures of Spider-Man in action. Peter is shocked but gets his test right after just to find he got an A in his test. Flash is jealous so he tries to throw a ball at Peter but his Spider-Sense goes off. Peter pretends he drops his test and ducks and Flash's ball hits the teacher at the back of his head and he knows it was Flash. At the Manhattan General Hospital Eddie and Connors check on Max and Connors assures Max he'll begin working on a cure. In school Liz Allan needs a tutor and the teacher recommends Peter. Liz disagrees and tries to change his mind; she'd rather get tutored by Flash but the teacher still recommended Peter for the job. Max is still recuperating but is accompanied by Eddie. Max is furious and runs out at the Silver Spoon where Peter is trying to tutoring Liz but finds Max running out and Peter mistakes him as a thug and ditches Liz. Electro and Spidey fight but eventually Max escapes. At school Peter feels sorry for ditching Liz and she agrees to go to E.S.U with him later. Max is confronted by the police and the doctor then he goes ballistic and sets out for Connors. At E.S.U. Liz meets all of Peter's friends just as Electro appears and Spidey and him fight with Peter winning in the end.

Natural Selection

J. Jonah Jameson shot down Peter's idea to sell him pictures of Spider-Man in action immediately and kicked him out of his office. However, Jameson had actually stole Peter's ideas as his own and published a contest. Peter later managed to win the contest as a result of taking pictures of Spider-Man fighting the Lizard, whom Dr. Connors' had accidentally turned himself into as a result of experimenting with lizard DNA, but--despite Peter having never shown anything that linked Connors to the Lizard--this action alienated Peter from his friends at the ESU lab--particularly Eddie.

An upset Peter decided to take a vial of the same gene cleanser that cured Dr. Connors and use it to "cure" himself of his spider powers, but he decided to keep it for later, remaining Spider-Man for the time being.[7]

September Economics: The War with Tombstone

Quote1.png Now I know there is a war. And I say now: bring it on Quote2.png

Market Forces

Parker then noticed that his aunt was having trouble paying the bills given to her, as he looked at them, and saw that they were all past due. His aunt then told him about Mary Jane Watson, who Peter immediately did not like just from her description. Peter then swung over to Osborn's house to help Harry study, but then he received an e-mail from the Daily Bugle saying that they liked his photos, and wanted him to come to the Daily Bugle immediately to get a paycheck for photos of Spider-Man. Peter left Harry hanging just so he could get his paycheck.

When Jonah (publisher of the Daily Bugle) first saw Parker, he just said that he was the kid who wasted his time the other day, and threw him out. Peter almost left, but Betty Brant, a secretary who works at the Bugle, helped drag him back in to get his paycheck. Jonah then gave him his money, and asked for a new set of Spider-Man pictures by deadline, which was two hours. He later tried stopping a crime that night, which was caused by Flint Marko and Alex O'Hirn again. He trounced them as usual, but a new villain called the Shocker came in, and attack Spider-Man at a dump. It looked like Spider-Man was finally beaten when he was crushed by a garbage compacter, thanks to Shocker. However Spider-Man survived, and he lost his paycheck. He got a new one, and gave Jonah the photos. Harry complained on how Peter totally left him hanging, but he promised that he would help him out later. Spider-Man then foiled another robbery from Marko and O'Hirn, and told them to tell Shocker that he wanted a rematch. However, thanks to foiling that robbery, he bailed out on Harry again, and he called Peter worthless. There were then weird tremors going off in a straight line in New York, and Parker realized that it was Shocker. He then went after Shocker, and fought him again. Spider-Man won by bringing the entire house they were in down on top of Shocker. He then gave his photos to the Daily Bugle, and got his money to help his aunt May with the bills.

Shortly afterwards, Peter had to contend with Flint Marko and Alex O'Hirn, two crooks that he constantly arrested over the summer - except now they were the villains Sandman and Rhino respectively. Peter learned from the latter, who had slipped into unconsciousness from dehydration, the identity of the Big Man - Tombstone. As Spider-Man he confronted Tombstone in his office. Tombstone said that he ran all of the organized crime in Manhattan, and was fine with occasional heroes but not mass saviors like Spider-Man. He offers to pay Spider-Man if he avoids his crime and only fights low-level crime. Peter refuses and leaves.

October Chemistry: Enter the Goblin

Peter got a date with Mary Jane Watson for the Fall Formal, but got a call from Jameson saying that a new villain - the Green Goblin - was attacking a party he was throwing for his son. Peter fought off the Goblin while still being able to keep the date. After a fight with Doctor Octopus, Peter contended the Goblin again on Halloween, only to discover his identity - Harry Osborn.

November Psychology: Venom War

When a black alien life-form came down onto Earth, Peter immediately snuck into Dr. Connors' lab to see it, but found the Black Cat trying to steal it. As they fought, the ooze bonded to Peter, giving him new powers and abilities with which he defeated the Chameleon. Doc Ock, meanwhile, got most of Peter's villains together to kill him, forming the Sinister Six. When Spider-Man defeated him, he began to wonder if the ooze was controlling him somehow. When the Sinister Six's attack gave Aunt May a heart attack, Peter became angry and cold to just about everyone, causing him to realize what the ooze, called the symbiote, was doing to him - trying to kill him and then control everything he was. Peter got rid of the symbiote and tried to freeze it to death, but Eddie caught and stopped him. As Spider-Man escaped, Eddie desired to kill Peter (who he blamed for the symbiote's disappearance, as he took photos of the event) and Spider-Man (who he thought stole the symbiote). The symbiote subsequently bonded to Eddie, creating Venom. Venom stuck Spider-Man to a fence and then tried to kill Aunt May and Gwen, but Peter stopped him. After Thanksgiving dinner, Gwen (who had been in love with Peter since they met) kissed Peter, causing him to have mutual feelings.

Season 2

Over time, Peter continued to learn more about the Green Goblin and other villains. He tried to get close to Gwen and to finally admit his own feelings for her, but he was unable to do so before Liz Allan began a relationship with him the very moment of the turn of the year; later, Gwen started dating Harry. Peter continued to have various random experiences, which only got worse when Venom revealed Peter's identity to the world, and he was later arrested, where he finally ran into Black Cat's father - the man who killed Uncle Ben.

After Peter got out, he and Gwen finally admitted their feelings, but decided to ditch their partners before they started dating. Peter subsequently broke up with Liz, much to her depression. In the end, the Green Goblin revealed himself to actually be Norman Osborn, having framed his son with the help of the Chameleon for his crimes. Furious, Spider-Man supposedly killed Osborn in one final fight. Harry tricks Gwen into staying his girlfriend by telling her she's the only thing keeping him from going back to the green. As such, Gwen was forced to continue dating Harry, which Peter reluctantly accepted.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-96283.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.



Web-Shooters, formerly Venom Symbiote.


  • Peter Parker is voiced by Josh Keaton.
  • This version of Peter Parker has a mole on his cheek. This is a signature of the series' character designer, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, who has a similar mole on his own cheek and puts it on the cheek of all his lead characters.[8][9]


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