Quote1 Life has never been easy for Peter, but he's never let it get to him. He's my hero, and he's destined for such great things... I just know it. Quote2
-- Spider-Ma'am src

Peter Parker was with May Parker when she was bitten by a Radioactive Spider. Later, after she became Spider-Ma'am she fought with Leap-Frog, which Peter discovered and watched until he past out from fright.[1] He and Uncle Ben discovered his aunt's identity as Spider-Ma'am when Karn arrived to Earth-3123 to kill her to get on the good side of the Inheritors.[2] He joined up with Uncle Ben to work with Aunt May and the pair helped Spider-Ma'am stop crime, including Vulture.[1]

During Peter's time with his uncle and aunt, Peter and Ben were suddenly attacked by evil versions of them lead by a Carnage infected Aunt May. As they were having difficulty in battling them, Miles Morales came to help them. However, another evil version of Miles arrived in aiding the villains. Peter then came up with an equation that would open a portal which would suck their evil versions. Then Spider-Ma'am and Miles, along with other alternate versions of themselves shot their webs into a single spot, and were successful in creating a portal which sucked their evil versions. After Miles started travelling the multiverse again, Peter was seen with a piece of the symbiote that the evil Aunt May was wearing.[3]


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.



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