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Spider-Man teamed-up with the heroes of his Earth regularly against the villains of his Earth.

When Peter's Aunt May had fallen under hard times and didn't have the ability to continue paying her rent, Peter took up a job at the Daily Bugle taking pictures of the Vulture and Spider-Man. When Peter went out to take photos of the Vulture, he was attacked and dumped in a water tower. After Peter escaped, he realized that Vulture's Wings ran on electro-magnetism, so he created a device that would disable them. When his Aunt May had wondered what he was up to and how he got the money, he just said he was taking pictures of birds. Later, when Peter had broken one of his teacher's computer's, he had brought it to the Tinkerer's Repair Shop. When he had gotten it back, he noticed there was a tracker on it, so he went back to the shop as Spider-Man and found out that the Tinkerer had been hiding aliens that had been fixing the devices for him. The Tinkerer had snuck up behind him and used his Mind Scrambler to distract Spider-Man and give himself enough time to escape. Before doing so, Peter pulled a fake human mask off of Mason, implying that he was not human.[1]



Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.




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