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Quote1 My tummy's rumbling for some of those delicious Hostess-Brand fruit pies! Quote2


This Spider-Man, like the other heroes in his reality, defeated many enemies with Hostess-brand Cakes. He arrested many villians using little to no violence, and made them stop fighting by giving them pastries.

These included; being captured by an unnamed mob boss and used the snack cakes to bribe his captor to allow his escape,[4] rescued Aunt May from kidnappers by tricking the kidnappers with Twinkies,[5] he gave a cupcake to Mary Jane to allow himself to slip out and capture Man Mountain Marko.[6] He captured the Twinkie Takers when they attempted to steal Twinkies,[7] he fed the referee of Aldo Moomjay's boxing match when revealing the referee was the Foe.[8] While on a date with Lisa Skye the pair were attacked by a gang but Spider-Man was able to capture them after feeding them hostess snacks.[9]

Spider-Man also used Hostess products to capture several villains including the Fly,[10] Printout Man,[11] Simon the Evil Swami,[12] Madam Web,[13] Legal Eagle,[14] an unnamed jewel thief,[15] Chairman,[16] Home Wrecker,[17] Demolition Derby,[18] Photoman,[19] Hotshot,[20] June Jitsu,[21] Larcenous Lil,[22] and the Human Computer.[23]

He was killed by Morlun while he was on his way to a date with Mary Jane.[2]

He was later resurrected when Silk cut open Morlun with the Totem Dagger.[3]



  • Hostess Twinkies
  • Hostess Chocolate Cakes
  • Hostess Fruit Pies
  • Golden Spongecakes


  • Web-Slinging


  • This version of the character is exclusive to Hostess cakes ads.
  • In Spider-Verse #1, the cakes' name changed from Hostess to Golden Spongecake to avoid trademark issues.

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