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Quote1 Look, bad things are gonna happen. It makes us who we are. But good things happen too, y'know? Like you happened... and she happened. Quote2
Peter B. Parker[src]



Peter B. Parker was born in Queens, New York City, and was raised by his uncle Ben and aunt May. As a teenager, he was bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him super-strength, durability, and the ability to stick to flat surfaces, and after losing his uncle, he learned that with great power, comes great responsibility. Donning a web-covered costume and wrist-mounted web-shooters, became the hero known as "Spider-Man".[1]

Peter Parker (Earth-616B) fighting villains

Two decades of crimefighting

As Spider-Man, Peter fought crime in New York City for twenty-two years, battling villains like the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, and more. Over the years, though, he grew tired of saving the city, and began sustaining serious injuries and making terrible business decisions. As he continued to fight crime, he struggled to balance his life as a hero with his personal life. He lost his friend George Stacy, his Aunt May, and eventually divorced his beloved wife Mary Jane out of his fear of having the children she wanted.

Following the divorce, Peter partially gave up crime-fighting, saving the people more as an escape of his horrible life that because of moral obligation ,and fell into a severe depression, gaining weight, becoming easily emotional, and spending almost all of his time in his apartment wearing nothing but his costume and eating pizza, as all his mistakes and regrets began to weigh him down with guilt and make him even more weary and tired of caring for everyone else.[1]

Battle for Kingpin's Collider[]

While Peter was in his apartment, he was sucked into a portal that transported him across the multiverse to Earth-1610B, as part of a super-collider experiment conducted by the Kingpin. When he arrived, he learned that his counterpart had died, and after viewing his funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral from afar, came to visit his grave. Unbeknownst to him, a teenager who had similar spider-powers, Miles Morales, was there, and accidentally knocked Peter unconscious with his electric bioshock.

Peter Parker (Earth-616B) and Miles Morales (Earth-1610B) from Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse 001

Training the next Spider-Man

After coming to and shaking off Miles, Peter learned that Miles was on a mission to stop the Kingpin from opening another portal, one that could destroy Miles' New York. Reluctant to help Miles at first, seeing how he would disintegrate if he stayed in Miles' dimension much longer, he soon adopted his role as a begrudging mentor to Miles. While tracking down the data to shut down the collider, Peter taught Miles how to use his newfound powers, while himself rediscovering the thrills of being a superhero. The pair battled Miles' universe's Doctor Octopus for the necessary data, and came across Gwen Stacy, also known as "Spider-Woman", another hero from another universe. The three teamed up and made their way to May Parker's house, where they met even more interdimensional travelers, such as a Nazi-punching private-eye Spider-Man, a Japanese teenager with a robot spider suit called Sp//dr, and the cartoon-logic-wielding anthropomorphic pig Spider-Ham.

Spider-Gang (Earth-1610B) from Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse 001

Leading the charge

With their help, Peter was able to develop a USB stick to deactivate the Super-Collider, but they were located by the Kingpin's enforcers, led by the powerful assassin known as the Prowler. The heroes fought off the forces, but Miles discovered that the Prowler was his uncle and lost him in the fight. The group, headed up by Peter, decided Miles wasn't ready to fight Kingpin, and left him behind as they went to a charity hosted by Kingpin, where Earth-1610B's Mary Jane was the guest of honor. While they tried to infiltrate the Spider-Man-themed dinner to get to the collider, Peter found he had to talk to Mary Jane. He apologized for everything he ruined with his own wife, and while she was confused, the catharsis of the release helped Peter regain a lot of his lost confidence.

Miles Morales (Earth-1610B), Peter Parker (Earth-616B), and Gwendolyn Stacy (Earth-65B) from Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse 002

Battle at the super-collider

He and the other heroes made their way to the collider to destroy it, but they were stopped by Doctor Octopus and the Kingpin's enforcers. They were nearly beaten in the ensuing battle, but as the collider was activated, Miles returned with a brand-new suit and even better control over his powers, saving them and helping them beat back Kingpin's forces. As the collider's portal grew unstable, the team inserted the USB and each of them was sent back to their universe. When Peter's time came, he was reluctant to leave, afraid to mess things up with Mary Jane again, but Miles assured him he wouldn't, and sent him home before defeating the Kingpin and shutting down the collider.[1]

When Peter returned to his universe, he decided to try again with Mary Jane, getting clean-shaven and worked his excess weight off. Eventually, the two were remarried and had the child they'd always talked about, a bouncing baby girl named Mayday, who inherited some of Peter's powers, and whom he made a web-shooter for. He continued on protecting New York as Spider-Man, but also took time to be a husband and father, much happier than before thanks to his experiences in Miles' universe.[2]

Protecting the Multiverse[]

Eventually, Peter was contacted by Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of Earth-928B, who enlisted Peter into the Spider Society, a multiversal group of spider heroes Miguel assembled to protect the timelines in the Web of Life and Destiny and eliminate dimensional anomalies after Kingpin's collider rattled them all. Miguel had discovered that the radioactive spider that bit Miles to give him his powers had been transported to Earth-1610B from another dimension, Earth-42, disrupting Earth-42's timeline and making 1610B's Miles a dimensional anomaly, the first discovered by Miguel.

Using a special bracelet, Peter was able to travel the multiverse, but he was unable to visit Miles due to his status as an anomaly. Over time, the Spider Society was joined by other spider heroes, such as Jess Drew, Ben Reilly, and even some of Peter's old friends such as Gwen and Sp//dr. Eventually, another anomaly, a human mutate with dimensional wormholes on his skin and a vendetta against Miles known as the Spot, was detected on Earth-1610B, and Gwen was sent to deal with it. However, he discovered how to travel the multiverse and escaped before she could get to him, leading her to chase him to Earth-50101B, where she was followed by Miles. The Spot supercharged himself on Earth-50101B, and raced back to his universe to kill Miles' family.

Peter Parker (Earth-616B), May Parker (Earth-616B), Gwendolyn Stacy (Earth-65B), and Miles Morales (Earth-1610B) from Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse 001

Miles and Peter reunite

Gwen brought Miles to the Society's headquarters on Earth-928B, where he and Peter finally had their warm reunion. Miguel then stepped in and explained to Miles that the Spot was destined to murder his father, and that if Miles prevented it, it would destabilize his entire world and potentially cause the entire Web to unravel.

Gwendolyn Stacy (Earth-65B) and Peter Parker (Earth-616B) from Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse 001

Chasing Miles

Peter and Gwen tried to talk Miles into allowing his father to die, but Miguel's harsh approach alienated him and caused him to run, with the entire Spider Society chasing after him. Eventually, Miguel caught up with Miles and revealed the truth about Miles' status as the anomaly that caused all the trouble, and Miles lost faith in Peter and Gwen for keeping it from him. Miles then escaped and used the Society's complex's "Go Home Machine" to transport himself back to his home dimension. Unfortunately, it scanned the spider DNA in him and sent him to Earth-42 instead. Realizing this, Gwen assembled a splinter group of spider heroes to work against the Spider Society, including Peter and Mayday, and rescue their friend.[2]


Peter Parker is incredibly sarcastic and cocky, and initially apathetic and depressed due to his divorce with Mary Jane. However, through his experiences with Miles Morales on Earth-1610B, he regained his love for being Spider-Man, and even the desire to be a father. After reuniting with Mary Jane and having his daughter, Mayday, Peter became much happier and prideful of both himself and his daughter, his self-respect and compassion finally restored.[1][2]



Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 11 Animation Variant Textless

Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.

  • Spider Physiology: Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained the proportionate physical abilities of a spider. He has 23 years of experience.
    • Superhuman Strength: Peter has the inhuman strength of a spider, and can support the weight of a bus without any perceivable difficulty. He was able to punch a criminal so hard that one of his shoes came off. He also kicked the Prowler through a wall of Aunt May's house. He can also hold Miles by one arm.
    • Superhuman Durability: Peter is highly resilient to injury, as he survived Miles' venom strike. No matter how many times he gets hit, he always gets back up, whether it means he gets kicked, slammed, hit by a moving vehicle, crushed by a bigger opponent's grip, or ricocheting off asphalt and nearby buildings until he tumbled into a billboard. He once broke his back falling onto the sidewalk, but he recovered. A drone also once flew into his face while he was swinging on his webs.
    • Superhuman Agility: Peter can gracefully flip and swing on his webs. He also has advanced dexterity, as he easily escaped from being restrained to Miles' heavy bag.
    • Spider-Sense: Peter's Spider-Sense alerts him to danger as well as the presence of those like him. He also has quick reflexes, as he grabbed his mask with his webs before being pulled into Miles' dimension in order to maintain his secret identity.
    • Regeneration: Peter heals extremely quickly, as the wounds he received when he was unconscious were gone when Miles finished interrogating him.
    • Wallcrawling: Peter can crawl and walk up walls.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Peter was able to memorize Doctor Octopus' 26-digit computer password upon first seeing her enter it on her keyboard, and subtly communicated the rest of the password when Miles forgot it. He is also familiar with physics and quantum theory; he comprehended everything Doctor Octopus said about the rupture in the space-time continuum, and quickly deduced that Miles' invisibility was due to fight-or-flight. Peter's decades of experience allowed him to quickly devise a plan to infiltrate Alchemax, and accurately predict what Kingpin would say to Doctor Octopus, verbatim. He also taught Miles how to unstick from walls and web-swing under "intense, life-threatening pressure."[1]





Into the Spider-Verse Suit (Peter Parker) from Marvel's Spider-Man (video game) 001

The "Into the Spider-Verse" suit how It appears in the game.

  • Former Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire was considered for the role of this version of Peter Parker. However, the inclusion of him or any live-action Spider-Man actors such as Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland was avoided to avoid confusing the audiences.[3]
  • Internally during the production of Into the Spider-Verse, Peter B. was referred to as "Burrito Peter" to distinguish him from his Earth-1610B counterpart.[4]
  • This suit's appearance was added in Marvel's Spider-Man as an unlockable suit for the "Silver Lining" DLC pack and can be unlocked and worn when completing all the main missions, side missions and citywide activities. The suit will also return in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, added for free as part of Update 1.003.000.
  • The "B." in Peter B. Parker stands for the character's usual middle name across his different versions, Benjamin. For Into the Spider-Verse producer and screenwriter Phil Lord, it also stood for "B grade or B-List or B-picture," to accentuate that Peter B. Parker was a lesser Peter than the one from Miles' universe.[5]
  • Peter finds his Earth-1610B counterpart perfect as he was blonde and young.[1]
  • This version of Peter Parker is implied to be Jewish, stepping on a glass during his wedding ceremony.[1]
    • However, he eats a cheeseburger in Into the Spider-Verse, which implies that he does not practice kosher anymore.
  • This version of Peter was born in 1980.[1]
  • In a deleted version of his flashback recap, Peter mentions that he met the Hulk.

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