After years of being the superhero known as Spider-Man, Peter finally retired from his career, married Betty Brant and settled down in the rural city of Rutland, Vermont for 35 years. Everything was quiet for the Parker family until Peter received a visit from his former teammate Logan who came to recruit him for one last mission, to stop Ezekiel Stane from using Iron Man's armor to take over the world. Peter agreed and donned his Spider-Man outfit once again. Teamed up with Logan, a pacifistic Hulk and the new Ghost Rider they dubbed themselves the New Fantastic Four.

Making their way to Stane's operation in the Savage Land, they happened to come upon a massive Sentinel plant being produced by a Master Mold. They were suddenly ambushed by Stane's men but they were no match for Peter and the others, Hulk then put his pacifism away to smash a giant hole in Master Mold to gain entrance into the base. They were met by Ezekiel himself and explained what he was using the Stark Armor for, to give Master Mold the energy source needed to make his army. But Peter and especially Logan wondered how Master Mold would obey given that the DNA of the Trask Family was needed. However Stane did indeed have that, in the form of one of Bolivar Trask's relatives, Ms. Trask.

Spider-Man figured that the only thing Stane wouldn't want to lose was the armor itself, so he had Hulk pull a fastball special and throw him up to the armor in hopes of disconnecting it from the Master Mold's main core, it would overpower the armor, but he was already aware of the results, the armor disintegrated along with Peter in a blinded flash as he screamed to Logan and the others, the words With Great Power.[1]


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


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