Quote1 I'll see you one day, MJ. Until then...I have responsibilities. Quote2
-- Peter Parker src

Many years into the future, Peter Parker is now an old man who has retired from being Spider-Man and now works in a flower shop. Mary Jane Watson has died from exposure to radioactivity, due to Peter's radioactive semen.

Supervillains are now a thing of the past, and so are the heroes, as New York now has a new merciless police force called "The Reign". Mayor Waters announces a new protection system called WEBB, to prevent the city from attacks.

An elderly J. Jonah Jameson delivers a camera to Peter, but instead of it holding film, it holds Peter's old black suit mask. This encourages him to put it on and fight a group of Reign members. After Mayor Waters discovers the possible return of Spider-Man, he releases an elderly version of the Sinister Six from jail, now called "The Sinner Six", who are promised freedom if Spider-Man is defeated. An elderly version of Hypno-Hustler also hears the news and decides to help his former foe by distracting the Reign. Unluckily, his boombox runs out of power and is immediately killed.

Peter's apartment is shot with a missile as he struggles with his Mary Jane hallucinations, acting as a guide for his actions in the present day. After the smoke clears, Spider-Man leaps out cheerfully and uses his old tactics of taunting his foes.

Spider-Man is cornered by the Sinner Six, but in the final moments, Kraven rips his mask off, disheartening the crowd when they realize their hero is an old, defeated man. His life is saved at the last moment by Dr. Octopus, who is now dead, but a final command to his tentacles (he had referred to them as his "Four Sons") cause them to show Peter three grave-markers: those of Mary Jane Watson-Parker, May Parker, and Ben Parker.

The tentacles dig up Mary Jane's body, and Peter recalls how he accidentally caused her death giving her cancer due to prolonged exposure to the radioactivity in his seminal fluids. He was given a choice to stay with her as she died, or attend to gunshots outside. After he returned from the gunfight, Mary Jane had already died, prompting Peter to give up the Spider-Man mantle.

After being buried in Mary Jane's coffin by Doc Ock's tentacles and coming face-to-face with and conquering his past demons within, Peter emerges in his famous red and blue suit, which he secretly buried with her after her death. In the Mayor's office, a detained Jameson attacks him, only to realize that Edward Saks, the mayor's assistant, is actually Venom. Venom uses the WEBB system to project his suit, converting the population of New York into an army of symbiotes that does his bidding. He calls the Sinister Six back to guard the building as Peter begins his assault.

The unconverted population use bells to drive the symbiote invasion back, and Sandman decides to go back to the good side of the law when the Reign attacks his daughter, whom he had never met before.

Spider-Man defeats the remaining members of the Sinister Six and battles Venom, perhaps his last fight. Sandman comes at the last minute, gives Peter a detonator telling him that the six of them were implanted with detonators that would explode if they ever disobeyed Waters' orders. Peter activates the detonator causing the Six to explode, and killing Venom in the process.

After Venom and the Reign are defeated, Jameson reports that all crime levels are back where they were years ago, but so are heroes. As Peter visits Mary Jane's grave, he states that he will join her in peace one day, but until then, he has "responsibilities".[1]

Peter Parker & Daemos

Killed by Daemos

He was later seen to be apparently killed by Daemos, by crushing his head with Mary Jane's tombstone.[2] However, due to his lack of a costume and chronology it is most likely this was an alternate version of Parker.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


  • Age: Peter is much older than his Earth-616 version, which makes him more vulnerable and weak to attacks.
  • Kaare Andrews later said (perhaps jokingly) that the Spider-Man killed by Daemos in Spider-Verse #1 was an alternate reality version of the same Peter from a different universe on account of him being depicted with a cast and boxers, something that the Earth-70237 version discarded early on in Reign [3].

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