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College student Peter Parker tried to get a job as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, but failed to impress J. Jonah Jameson. After the rejection, he returned to the school lab to continue work on a science experiment involving an isotope, but failed to notice a spider was getting bathed in radiation during the experiment and had escaped. While retrieving his book, Peter was bitten by the spider and gained superpowers. He then decided the first thing to do was to make money to repay his and Aunt May and Uncle Ben by wrestling Crusher Clark.[2]

After defeating Crusher Clark, Peter created a costume and web-shooters and got himself a spot on an evening show to showcase his abilities as Spider-Man. At the end of the evening show appearance, a burglar ran past Spider-Man, and Peter arrogantly let him run by, thinking it wasn't his problem. Days later, his Uncle Ben was murdered, prompting Peter to go after his killer as Spider-Man at the abandoned Acme warehouse. Spider-Man easily took down the burglar but received the biggest shock of his life after discovering that it was the same man he let go earlier. From that point on, Peter learned that with great power, must also come great responsibility and began a crime-fighting career.[2]


Morlun made a visit to the this universe as a part of the Great Hunt. He found this universe's Spider-Totem, Spider-Man but before he could lay a hand of Spider-Man, he soon found out that due to the Earth-77013's unstable time continuum, it took weeks to do even the simplest actions. Morlun was later abruptly brought to Earth-001 by the Master Weaver before he had a chance to kill this Spider-Man. As an explanation for this act, Master Weaver told Morlun that Earth-77013 was collapsing because of its instability and had to retrieve him prematurely. In truth, Master Weaver placed this universe in its own pocket dimension, saving it from the dangers of the Great Hunt.[3]



Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.





  • The 1977 comic strips imply that Spider-Man had prior history fighting Doctor Octopus and the Kingpin before the start of the comic strip.[2]
  • Unlike most other versions of Peter Parker, Earth-77013's Peter started out trying to get a job as a Daily Bugle photographer before being bitten by the spider.[2] This version of the origin also shares similarities with the Earth-730911 Peter Parker's origin; he was already a college student and Daily Bugle photographer before being bitten by the spider, and was getting his photos rejected by his world's Jameson before the spider bit him.[4]


  • Morlun theorizes Peter's tendency to repeat himself to be the result of his universe's unstable time continuum.[3]

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