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The past history of Spider-Man of Earth-772 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart's early career up until the point when Peter got the idea to join the Fantastic Four to earn some extra money.[1] On Earth-616, the Fantastic Four turned him away, sending him off on his long-time solo career. On Earth-772, while the other members of the Fantastic Four still rejected Spider-Man's offer to join, it was the caring Invisible Girl who called Spider-Man back and convinced her teammates to consider hiring Spider-Man into the group. The group agreed to take Spider-Man on, but only if he revealed to them his secret identity. With some effort, Peter revealed his true identity to the Fantastic Four, and explained that he needed the money to look after his ailing Aunt May. Upon learning this, the Fantastic Four welcomed him into the team, rechristening themselves the Fantastic Five.

As a member of the Fantastic Five, Spider-Man was vouched for by Mr. Fantastic which help clear charges against Spider-Man by NASA due to his involvement in saving John Jameson's space capsule. During the public announcement of Spider-Man's membership in the FF, the positive press caused J. Jonah Jameson to end his smear campaign against Spider-Man and officially endorse him. Spider-Man's membership into the FF also prompted the Chameleon to give up his plot to steal secret plans from the US government.

When the Vulture began his criminal career, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Five defeated him with relative ease. When Reed piloted a rocket to beat the Russians to the moon, he took with him Spider-Man, Human Torch, and Thing, leaving the Invisible Girl behind to monitor things on Earth. Spider-Man joined the other FF members in clashing with Red Ghost and his Super-Apes and meeting the Watcher. While they were absent on their mission, the Invisible Girl was lured away and captured by the Sub-Mariner who was then under the control of the Puppet Master. When Spidey and the others returned to Earth, they were alerted to Sue's capture and rushed to Atlantis to save her. Although Spider-Man was an asset in the battle, it wasn't until an octopus crushed the Puppet Master's sub, freeing Namor from his control, that the battle ended. In the aftermath, Sue agreed to stay with Namor and become his bride, converting herself into a water breather. Spider-Man returned to the surface with the rest of the group, who resumed the title of the Fantastic Four.[2]

Spider-Man continued to hero with the Fantastic Four, however, the group became subject to infighting as Spider-Man was accused of showboating and flying solo instead of working as a team as they faced threats such as the Mad Thinker and Dr. Doom. The most recent bout of accusations came from the Human Torch after their battle with the Super-Skrull. When Spider-Man stood up to these accusations he learned that these feelings were shared by the entire group, prompting him to angrily quit the Fantastic Four.[3]

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As time passed, Reed and Sue got back together (Sue's ability to breath air being restored), and Spider-Man rejoined the Fantastic Five. When Sue became pregnant and her pregnancy threatened her life, Reed took the remaining Fantastic Five members into the Negative Zone to collect Annihilus' Cosmic Control Rod, the one thing that could save Sue's life. During their exploration, Spider-Man was captured by the Scavanger and taken to the slave pens of Annihilus. There Spider-Man battled Annihilus and his superior agility allowed the wall-crawler to steal the Rod from the Negative Zone ruler. However, as the FF attempted to return to their world they were attacked by Dr. Doom who seeked to steal the Cosmic Control Rod for his own use. He succeeded in taking it away, leading to a battle against Annihilus. However, through the intervention of the Whisperer, Doom learned that Reed Richards would lose his mind if Sue and the baby died and become a more terrible foe. Doom then returned the Rod to the heroes who returned to Earth in time to save Sue and the baby's life. Spider-Man's subsequent activities following Sue's recovery remain unrevealed.[4]

Years later, during his hunt to kill all of the Spiders across the Multiverse, Karn tracked down Spider-Man and the Fantastic Five and attempted to assassinate Parker. The rest of the team engaged Karn, but all were killed effortlessly in the struggle. Parker's dead body, with two puncture marks in his chest (one near his upper body, and the other near his right pectoral), was found by the Superior Spider-Man when he was displaced through time and space.[5]

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Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.

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