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After a successful wrestling match, Spider-Man witnessed a robber and when the police officer yelled to not let the burglar get away, Spider-Man stopped him, feeling that an act of heroism might be doing him a great publicity favor. Making the next day's issue of the Daily Globe, Spider-Man met with film producer J.B. Priest about a movie deal. Later that night, after brushing off Flash Thompson at school, Peter Parker once again donned his Spider-Man costume and guest-hosted on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, where he interviewed an actress. The episode was interrupted with a news report announcing the death of John Jameson and when Peter returned home, he revealed his identity to his aunt and uncle. After Ben tried to talk Peter out of becoming a celebrity and focusing on his education, Peter angrily left them behind and became a famous movie star. When Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson had Spider-Man's identity uncovered and published it in his paper, Spider-Man threatened Jameson by hiring a group of gunmen to dress up in costumes and threaten Jonah. Then, after Jameson was terrified for his life, Spider-Man arrived and passed it of as a joke to get the point across not to cross him again.

The next day, Spider-Man set off to start the next phase of his career by sneaking into the Baxter Building. After "testing" the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man offered them his services as their licensing and promotion agent, which they reluctantly accepted. In the weeks that followed, Spider-Man also signed up the Avengers and the X-Men, following that up with buying a comic book company. After witnessing Daredevil's battle with the Fixer, Spider-Man offered his services to Daredevil. Spider-Man's first act was to replace Daredevil's yellow costume with a red costume involving a cape and a trident, which angered Daredevil as he thought that the cape and the trident were pointless. Despite that, Spider-Man remained Daredevil's agent and placed billboards around the city promoting the hero. When J. Jonah Jameson returned and filed a court suit claiming Spider-Man had been promoting a known vigilante, Spider-Man followed Jameson's secretary Betty Brant when she was confronted by the Enforcers over her brother's gambling debts. Discovering that the Enforcers were hired by the Big Man, better known as Daily Bugle reported Frederick Foswell, Spider-Man wrote an article connecting Foswell to Jameson for a rival newspaper.

Six months later, during the filming of Spider-Man vs. the Monster that Ate Los Angeles, Spider-Man was zapped by an unscripted electric shock given off by the film's monster Dragoom. Luckily, he was saved by Daredevil. Later, Peter was visited by Daredevil in his mansion and was warned that the shock could have killed him. Daredevil also explained that Spider-Man had a hit out on him and offered to stay and watch Peter's workout, thinking he might be in danger. During the workout, Peter was slashed by poison-tipped darts claws by a disguised Kraven the Hunter. Two days later, Peter finally agreed that someone was trying to kill him. Soon after, Peter met with the writers of his new movie and just as Daredevil noticed the scent of spirit gum and latex, Peter fell through a trap door. When he recovered, he discovered that the "writers" were all supervillains in disguise. Daredevil immediately jumped to defend Spider-Man but was soon overwhelmed by the sheer number of villains. Peter at first hesitated about fighting for real, but decided to join in the fray after seeing Daredevil getting beat nearly to death. Spider-Man defeated the villains one-by-one and unmasked the mastermind behind the attack as J. Jonah Jameson, who blamed Spider-Man for ruining his life. Realizing that Jameson was right, Spider-Man learned a harsh lesson about using his powers responsibly.[1]

Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon

With Spider-Army

Spider-Man later recruited to Spider-Army to oppose the Inheritors on Earth-000.[2]

After the Inheritors were sent to Earth-3145, Spider-Man-80219 probably was sent back to his own reality with other Spiders.[3]

He would later be recruited again by Spider-Gwen after the Inheritors' return. After their defeat, he would return to his reality.[4]


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.

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