In this alternate world, Scarlet Witch said "No more superpowers" instead of "No more mutants", drastically changing the lives of all superpowered heroes and villains, not only mutants. Depowered Peter was at first confused about it, but eventually accepted it and started a new life with Mary Jane. In memory of past times, Peter wrote a bestseller about his experiences being Spider-Man.

When MJ was already pregnant with their child, he learned about the battle between Avengers in Iron Man-esque armors (led by Tony Stark) and new Fourth Reich (led by would-be world conqueror the Red Skull). Despite his concerned wife's arguments, Peter put the old mechanical web-shooters, came to the battle scene and crashed the Cosmic Cube using his webs. After that he inspired all present heroes to join for one last fight and led them forward, shouting "Avengers assemble!" instead of the then deceased Captain America.

30 years later Peter is shown spending his time with his daughter May and granddaughter Anna, surrounded by statues of fallen heroes, when Tony Stark visits him. In response to his old friend's concerns about future dangers Peter said that if things get bad enough again, more of "their kind" will emerge. As he said this, Anna is shown leaping from the monkey bars after a butterfly with uncanny grace and agility.[1]


Depowered; formerly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.



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