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After defeating the Tri-Sentinel, the Uni-Power chose to remain with Peter Parker, apparently due to his heightened sense of responsibility. Spider-Man soon came to see his old sparring partners as pedestrian threats, dispatching the likes of Venom and Hobgoblin with little effort. His sense of responsibility led Parker to attack larger and larger problems in the world, ignoring his personal responsibilities and his wife, Mary Jane. This continued until he tried to alter the basic earth and weather patterns of Africa to make it lush and arable. This brought him into conflict with Thor and then Doctor Doom, who wanted to steal the Enigma Force using his Absorbascann. Doom tried using Captain Universe's original host, Ray Coffin, as a hostage, but Parker let him die while trying to get at Doom. Spider-Man realized the Uni-Power was corrupting his sense of responsibility and expelled it. The Uni-Power briefly entered Doom, only to discover it was a mere Doombot. As Spider-Man became Captain Universe again, he used the Absorbascann to release the power of the Enigma Force from his body over the entire world. The cost was his spider-powers as well as the Uni-Power, leaving Peter Parker a normal man. Or so it seemed until he and Mary Jane gave birth to a baby daughter with signs of the Uni-Power within her.[1]

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Seemingly of those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.

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