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Brave, strong, and fast, Spider-Man swings through the streets while spinning webs and driving villains crazy!

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.

Physical Strength

Peter is capable of lifting approximately 10 tons.



Spider-Man's Webs

Unstable molecules costume

Spider-Armor Mark I


Ends of the Earth Armor

The Bombastic Bagman

Iron Spider

Big Time Spider-Man

  • Web-Shooters: Parker's brilliance at physical science allowed him to create web-shooters for use when he became Spider-Man [1]. The twin devices worn on his wrists are able to shoot thin strands of a special "web fluid" at high pressure.
    • Web Fluid: A shear-thinning liquid, virtually solid until a shearing force is applied to it, rendering it fluid, whose exact formula remains unknown, but is rumored to be related to nylon. The web line’s tensile strength is estimated to be 120 pounds per square millimeter of cross section.
  • Unstable molecules costume: A special outfit designed by Reed Richards for Spider-Man's use as part of the Future Foundation. The costume is designed with third generation unstable molecules, allowing him to alter its styling by thought, permitting him to change his costume from the classic to the Future Foundation one. Beyond that, it still functions the same way the normal costumes do.
  • Symbiote: This black suit worn by Spider-Man is actually alive! Luckily, it's an alien who helps the web-slinger fight for good.
  • Spider-Armor: Usually Spider-Man doesn't like heavy metal, but this armored costume is so useful against bad guys that he makes an exception.
  • Ends of the Earth Suit: Spider-Man built this armor and packed it with gadgets designed to tackle his toughest foes!
  • Spare Fantastic Costume: When Reed Richards first examined the alien symbiote and separated it from Peter, he was left without a costume and could not simply go web-slinging undisguised as it could reveal his identity. At the mercy of the Human Torch, he was given a spare Fantastic Four costume and a paper bag as a mask, temporarily becoming what Johnny dubbed: "The Bombastic Bagman!"

The suit itself was made of unstable molecules, insulated the wearer from electrical assaults and performed all other functions any of the Fantastic Four's own suits would.

  • Iron Spider Armor: Tony Stark developed an armored suit for Spider-Man in light of events. Supported by a system similar to that of Stark's classic Iron Man design, it featured many gadgets.
  • Big Time Spider-Man: Peter Parker designed this high-tech suit himself. When it comes to stealth, it totally works... big time!



  • Though not by name, Spider-Man was mentioned by the Mayor during the election.


Spider-Man in the Super Hero Squad universe, according to Peter Parker's imagination.

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