Spider-Monkey later spend time with Gibbon, in which he learned about his human counterpart. Spider-Monkey further revealed to Marty that unlike Spider-Man, he caught and killed his uncle's murderer. This revelation shocked Gibbon and accused Spider-Monkey for gravely lacking the concept of mercy and being not similar to his Spider-Man before Gibbon angrily left. His conversation with Gibbon deeply ingrained in Spider-Monkey's conscience. After Gibbon and his friends departed Earth-8101, Spider-Monkey helped the Ape-Vengers in building a portal to Earth-616 in capturing Speedball for allegedly betraying their species. However, when the Ape-Vengers fought a group of unruly apes, Spider-Monkey fought Shang Chi-Chi, which the former wanted to reason with the martial artist. Spider-Monkey then learned from Shang Chi-Chi that he and his allies were trying to bring down a bullying regime that Peter served for and only wanted a world where "the weak are protected from bullying alphas, and their combined talents strengthen the simian society". Spider-Monkey was offered a chance to join Shang Chi-Chi's resistance, but only for Shang Chi-Chi to be attacked and killed by the Ape-Vengers.

Following this, the Ape-Vengers had finally linked the portal to Earth-616. After making contact with Speedball and the human Red Ghost, Spider-Monkey deliberately sabotaged the portal in front of his surprised team. He explained and reasoned to them that it was unreasonable for them to kill Speedball over a misunderstanding, and in opening the portal, it would eventually lead to the conquest of the human universe, which wasn't fair in itself. Unfortunately, the Ape-Vengers refused to listen to Spider-Monkey's reasons and attacked him. Spider-Monkey managed to escape after infuriating the Hulk.[1]

When Earth-21050's Zombies invaded his reality, he helped his teammates and zombie Reed Richards to revert the zombies invasion to the ape-reality, thus the invasion never happeaned, making Earth-8101 diverge to Earth-95019 and Earth-2149 diverge to Earth-21050.[2]


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.


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