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After obtaining his powers, Peter made irresponsible things letting out a murderer who then killed his Uncle Ben. Sometime later he decided to work for J. Jonah Jameson as a paper delivery boy at the Daily Bugle. He attempted to deliver the Osborn's paper but was attacked by Green Goblin. A short fight ensued but Spider-Man was able to deliver the paper to Harry. He returned home to have dinner with Aunt May, who didn't notice he was dressed as Spider-Man and warned him to stay away from him. During dinner he received a phone call from Jameson, who wanted him back at work. Travelling to the Daily Bugle, he found Jameson wanting him to go collect the missing delivery fee's or Peter would loose his route to Eddie Brock. His first stop the next day was his girlfriend. Gwen Stacy and took the money her family owed just as Harry arrived with flowers. Peter didn't notice them and to get rid of him faster, Harry gave Peter the money his father owed. He next visited "Xavier's Home for Gifted Orphans" where Professor X used his telepathic powers to trick grown-ups into thinking it was run by adults instead of being run by the kid residents. Professor X used his mind powers to trick Spider-Man into believing their had been a mistake and they had paid. This was witnessed by Wolverine who tired to convince the Professor that Peter was one of them, but he refused to listen. Wolverine felt guilty and gave Spider-Man the money and offered to help him collect the rest of the money. The pair traveled the Baxter Building and found a depowered Ben Grimm, however before they left Reed secretly restored him back to the Thing. Saddened, the Thing joined the pair, letting them use the Fantasti-Car. They visited the Avengers but Captain America assumed they three had arrived over a world ending threat and assembled the Avengers. After Peter revealed the truth, they all left and had Jarvis write them a check. The trio were joined by Cap when they visited Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts. Hawkeye initially didn't have any money until he realized tha he was on the front of yesterday's paper and suddenly had the money to buy them all. Spider-Man, Thing, Wolverine and Cap returned the Daily Bugle, having collected all the money and Spider-Man thanked the others who left. He returned to Jameson with the money but found he had promised Brock the route. Jameson offered half of his own route back and underpaid him for the job. Leaving, he discovered Norman had kidnapped Gwen, he tried to save her, but she was sved by Harry in his own Green Goblin suit. Upset at Peter, she dumped him and started dating Harry. After leaving he tried to rescue Norman who had fallen into the water during their fight, but Norman attacked him. However, he stopped when he realized that Harry had crushed Peter's spirit and Norman left with his money, leaving a despondent Spider-Man alone by the bridge[2]

The next day, Jameson received several complaints about Eddie and discovered the neighborhood had increased in size so redistributed Parker and Brocks' route. This left the Osborn's as an extra house and sent the pair to compete on the Paperboy training obstacle course. However, since neither of them wanted to deliver the Osborn's paper, Jameson assigned the job to both of them. The pair managed to overlehem and web up Harry and Norman and successfully delivered their paper.[3]

In order to improve Parker's delivery, Jameson hired Iceman and Firestar to improve his performance. Peter found the pair would happily deliver his papers, and so had them take his portion too as he was fighting bad-guys, but was actually playing a video game. His two teammates eventually got bored and wanted to fight badguys and so they quit, leaving Spider-Man with a ton of papers to deliver. He attempted to recruit Ghost Rider as a replacement.[4]

Civil Wards

Iron Man told Peter to reveal his identity to the world. After doing it, J. Jonah Jameson fired him so Peter had to find another job as a babysitter babysitting the Power Pack. The powered toddlers nearly destroyed their house, so Spider-Man took them to the sandpit but were attacked by Sandman. The Power-Pack and Spider-Man were able to knock him out and turned him into a giant sandcastle. Spider-Man next took them to park, but they wouldn't be allowed in unless they were registered with Iron Man. This increased the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America, but Spider-Man and Power Pack left to go play with the X-Men before they were forced to choose a side. The group returned home and fell asleep. Their parents came out and SPider-Man was ungrateful for the $10 they paid him and they did not ask to babysit again. With the help of Captain America, Spidey got remasked and Daredevil and Iron Fist made an small job impersonating Spider-Man to make Jonah think there were more Spideys and Peter recovered his job.[5]


He was recruited by the Web Warriors to fight the Inheritors at Loomworld.



Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.

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