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-- Spider-Man src


When the Sinister Syndicate escapes from jail and steals the Statue of Liberty, Spider-Man saves an orphan from the Midtown Orphanage and a burning Newscopter. In the midst of the battle, J. Jonah Jameson sends a group of reporters in the "Scoop" vehicle. Spider-Man finds them and drops onto the vehicle, warning them of the danger.

The Scoop manages to inadvertently ride into the Syndicate's lair, but Spider-Man arrives in time to save them. The Scoop gets caught in a battle between Spider-Man and the Syndicate, but, in the end, makes it out when the Syndicate is defeated. Spider-Man states that they did a good job and swings off, and Jameson reluctantly states that the Scoop reporters were heroes. [1]


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.

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