Quote1 Some hero. I didn't even want the job. But if I don't go out there every night, this city will drown in its own evil. Criminal scum will take over. The weak will suffer. Quote2
-- The Spider-Man src
Peter Parker (Earth-TRN455) from Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 3 10 0001

Back when his world was black and white

Peter's history resembled the story from his counterpart of Earth-90214. One day, he met Peter from Earth-12041. His counterpart told him that it comes from another universe. Unfortunately, Goblin managed to get a sample of his DNA and he destroyed airship Daily Bugle. Peter together with his counterpart rescued the passengers of the airship. After all, a visitor from another universe bid farewell to him and he went in pursuit of the Goblin.


Seemingly, those of Peter Parker of Earth-90214.

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